We are sharing Zbigz Premium Account for free today. As, most of you want to download torrent files with IDM as Utorrent gives very low downloading speed, only way to increase downloading speed of uTorrent is to download them via IDM. This premium account will allow you to download your favourite torrent files by IDM. Well, guys let me aware you of some things first. Most of guys are providing zbigz premium account generator, they are simply fake and do not work basically. In past, we had also shared zbigz premium account cookies but due to many issues of LogOut, we have decided to come here with a different method to provide zbigz premium for free to our users.

We have tried our best to fix password change issue of our premium account of zbigz. I know due to password change issue, many guys were looking for zbigz alternative as well. I am assuring you that Zbigz is best online torrent client to try out now.
zbigz premium account

What is Zbigz: 

Zbigz is a premium service, by which you can download Torrent files with IDM, In detail We can say that, The file which we want to downlaod by IDM is firstly downloaded on there server, and they provide you latest working direct links to yofsepur torrent links. Its a premium service, which mean, That you have to pay to use this service. But We are sharing Zbigz Premium Account Login details to you for free. Zbigz Torrent to IDM – Zbigz is basically torrent to IDM facility. As, I have already told you that this premium account of zbigz is paid, but using this premium account, you can download torrent files with idm at maximum speed.
Zbigz premium is most popular service for torrent to idm. It means that it is best way to to download torrent files with idm fastest and easiest way. Below, you will find zbigz premium account login credentials which is owned by admin of Dreamy Tricks and I am damn sure that you will love this premium zbigz service.

Features of Zbigz  premium account over free acount:

  1. Download torrent files with Full speed using this premium account. With this zbigz premium account, you can access unlimited torrent files with full speed.
  2. Download files without any size limit. As, there is limit of 500MB in free zbigz account, but with our premium account you can access maximum speed possible (by your ISP).
  3. Get maximum speed which your ISP is providing you.
  4. No speed capping: In premium account of zbigz, there is no speed capping of 50-150kbps.
  5. High speed torrent caching: Your torrent files will be cached at faster rate.
  6. No waiting time.
  7. Torrent to direct link or you can say Torrent to IDM.

Proof of our Zbigz premium account:

zbigz premium account proof

How to get Zbigz Premium premium account password:

So guys, we are sharing steps to access this premium account for free. We have tried our best to allow all of you guys to use zbigz premium service for free without any password change problem. You have to follow some rules before using our Zbigz premium account which we are listing below. It’s easy to get premium account of zbigz. uust follow below steps:

  1. First of all, Visit Zbigz Premium Account Access Page from below button.
  2. Once, you are on Access page, then simply click on Use Zbigz premium account now button.
  3. Enjoy premium account of Zbigz.

Edit: We have added one more alternate link button by which you can access another premium account of Zbigz if that link do not works.

Note: If you face any password change issue or you get error that Bad Login, then simply Contact Admin by using Contact Admin button.

Rules you must follow when using our premium account:

  1. You should not delete other files which are processing or available to download.
  2. You should not practice any malpractice like changing password of our account.
  3. Don’t share direct link of premium account in forums, groups. (You can share link of this page though).
  4. Porn content is not allowed at all. If we found any porn content in premium account, then we will delete that file instantly.

In case, if you try to violate any of above rule, then we will ban your IP and you can not access our premium account then.

Edit: That mobile login URL is not working anymore. Users who want zbigz premium account username and password, contact me via Contact us page.

How to use Zbigz premium account for free (No Survey) :

To access Zbigz premium service for free, Simply click on below button and follow instructions of our Zbigz premium account access page.


Visit Zbigz Premium Account Access Page now

Once, you have successfully logged into Zbigz premium account. Follow below steps:
  1. Download torrent file of the file which you want to download.
  2. Click on Browse torrent button.
  3. Now, go to any of these best torrent sites. Search for your favourite file. Click on Download .torrent. (Remember location where you have saved .torrent file).
  4. Browse that torrent file and Click on Open.
  5. Now, wait for some minutes or seconds (depending upon size of file, number of peers). So that your file gets cached easily.
  6. Once, it is cached 100% you can enjoy your file at high speed downloads easily with our Zbigz premium account.

Video proof of our Zbigz premium Account:

Note: This zbigz premium account which we are sharing here is bought by admin of Dreamy Tricks for its users. We are not promoting or violating any terms and conditions of Zbigz in it. You can use this premium Account freely without any problem.

Zbigz premium alternative:

As, it is very broad topic so we have decided to write separate post on this topic. You can find best zbigz premium alternatives in post. Click on below button to read that article.

Zbigz Premium Alternatives

Check out this to unlock fileice survey – How to bypass Fileice survey
P.S : Dont change password of this premium account, as it is shared to help people. Dont delete each other torrent files.

In this post, We have shared premium account of zbigz which we have bought for our users. This zbigz premium account is working fine. Use this premium account of Zbigz in a manner so that other users who are using it will not get any issues by following some of rules like :

  • Do not delete other files.
  • Do not change password of our premium account.

So, Enjoy premium account of Zbigz for free.


  1. Thanks bro… Account working like charm… Is there any zbigz premium account coupon or Zbigz premium account generator… as pass change problem is there in sharing premium account online.

  2. Hi brother..Kindly send me also the User, Password for the Zbigz premium account. It’s was very helping to me…

    Lot of Thanks…..

    • We can not share our premium account password for security purposes. You can use our Zbigz premium account from our access page without any need of password.

  3. thnk u for providing premium acnt but i m not able to use it bcoz people are deleting other person files before they r completed

    pls take this seriously and do something that only admins are allowed to remove files

    • Actually, this error is due to the other users who are logging into the device at same time. We can’t do anything to fix it.

  4. thank you for this.it works and is really helpful to me.

    note: PLEASE DON’T DELETE OTHER PEOPLES FILES PEOPLE! zbigz has unlimited storage so why would you do that?!

  5. Hey there,As you know the zbigz premium account expires on 16th of this november.Are you going to extend the premium account.I just managed to use your account today only and it works like a charm.Thanks for your service n keep up this awesome work 🙂

  6. hiii admin please help me to convert naruto shippuden full series. i cant able to convert torrent in it. it takes to much time.so ay body may delete it. how to find a good seeds torrent for this..thanks

  7. Excuse me.I am a new user.
    But when i any click in your zbigz account then premium change to off !!! why?!!!
    Please help me

  8. Damn it.This is the best site ever.Ur a life server Admin..I always had a had time thinking of how to download my favorite torrents with idm

    • Hello,
      Visit our zbigz premium account from our access page directly.
      We have enabled that page for registered members only to reduce password change issue.

  9. this is request to all please dont delete others files…..bcz your download reached @99% & get download failed…how u feel fhat time…..so please dont delete others files….

  10. Hi i just created an account but still i am not getting any email and password. How long it will take to get that?

  11. Update – Seems like Zbigz has done any change in their system. Login URL is not working anymore.
    I can share username and password directly, but I doubt users will change password continuously.

    • no wonder. i waited weeks, wondering why it’s not working anymore. yeah, i agree, all this porn downloader will promise not change password. plus, no benefit for you except you give link with 10 times ads to click missed the times where it’s so easy to use zbigz to download torrent. my movie download era is end. now moving forward to korean drama downloader. lol. tqvm rahul.

  12. this is not working. its not showing any premium version and when you click on that premium button then it shows a window for purschasing their offer for zbigz premium account . please do something. bro


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