Although we don’t encourage piracy in anyway, we do understand the hitches which turn an entertainment-binger into a pirate. Going to the cinemas is not the most practical way of watching entertainment media, especially if you’re a regular consumer. Also, cable/satellite TV is so passé, it doesn’t even offer enough high-quality, novel content anymore. The services that do offer all those good things (along with a dash of convenience) take eons to show up on the platform and obviously, come at a price. Downloading torrents then, is the only way forward. Aside from getting the latest movies and TV series, it also enables fast file-sharing for other types of content including software, games, music, and documentaries. Recently, we have also shared Kickass Mirror & Proxy Sites.

For years, torrenteers had it easy, thanks to some superior torrent host sites such as Kickass Torrents, Torrentz, and Yify. If you too have been plugged onto the torrent life-support for long, you’d be familiar with all the three. Sadly, things have gotten really difficult in the last few years, courtesy stringent laws and angry right-holders. Majority of the torrent biggies have been taken down. Yify is no exception, and no, its not coming back! In fact, even the clone sites are being blocked in many regions. This is also probably why you’re here. But not to worry, solutions are always available and we’re here to help you find the best one.

yify proxy & mirror sites

Remembering YIFY:

In case you’re not very familiar with YIFY (later re-branded to YTS), it was one of the biggest release-groups in the world of digital piracy. You might have heard of aXXo; well, YIFY came right after the former signed off in 2009. It did exactly the same thing; i.e., upload the latest movies in the best possible quality (DVD-rips/HD/Blu-ray), encoded files smaller than other uploaders. Such was the fan-following that YIFY created their own website for downloading movie torrent files. Regular flick-watchers almost stopped visiting other torrent sites because they had everything they needed on YIFY’s website. Even today, if you log onto any major torrent website, you’ll find that the highest quality files are those uploaded by YIFY. No other uploader has enjoyed that kind of preeminence ever since YIFY went down. It sure did leave all the movie buffs/YIFY devotees feeling devastated.

Why and How Did YIFY Meet Its End?

After almost a decade of ruling the torrent roost, YIFY/YTS was abruptly shut down last year in October. Sources suggest that the release-group’s founder was traced by people of Hollywood. They slammed a multi-million-dollar case against YIFY in New Zealand on account of copyright infringement. Much to our surprise, this suit wasn’t brought to the court. Rather, both sides settled the dispute privately. Unfortunately, the identity of Yify’s founder was eventually revealed and the site was closed down due to legal pressure.

Introduction to Proxy and Mirror Sites:

In the wake of the aforementioned action, YIFY fans and webmasters developed new websites which act as mirror or clone sites, appearing to be extremely identical to the original site, i.e. So far, a site called has been the most successful, amassing thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Although this site claims to have been created by the original YIFY team, YIFY’s former operators have denied having any association with the existing mirror or proxy sites.

For those of you who’re unaccustomed to the proxy sites, these websites utilize a different server, thereby hiding your IP address and allowing access to blocked sites in your region. Mirror sites on the other hand are those which contain contents from the original site, with a similar design, interface, and functionality.

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What Are the Best YIFY Proxy & Mirror Sites That Are Currently Active?

Loved YIFY and love watching recently released movies on a regular basis? You can try using (the main YIFY mirror site) for downloading high-quality torrent files. However, if you have trouble visiting the site due to geo-restrictions or site-banning, you can check out the following list of YIFY/YTS proxy and mirror sites which work just as well as the original website with an equally awesome UI.

Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites

Other Reliable Torrent Site Alternatives:

In case you’re feeling uncertain about using proxy or mirror sites due to their duplicate nature, you can also use torrent websites which are still running. Some of the most popular ones are The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337X, Demonoid, and YourBitorrent. These are genuine and still have files uploaded by YIFY, albeit, a little older. However, there are some new uploaders who regularly upload good quality torrent files.

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Using Proxy/Mirror Sites the Right Way:

Of course we don’t have to tell you this, but it is important that you hide your identity and protect your device while downloading and using torrent files. Subscribing to a reputed VPN service such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, or PUREVPN is highly recommended in order to avoid conceal your IP address and avoid any consequences of consuming copyrighted content.

Also, get an Anti-Virus/Malware software installed on your device so as to avoid any harm from the various malwares present on the sites mentioned above (in form of pop-ups and advertisements).

The Upshot:

We hope that our list of proxy and mirror sites successfully quenches your thirst for watching movies, the YIFY way. In case we’ve missed any of the proxy/mirror sites, be sure to mention them in the comment section below. Let’s be there for our fellow pirates in every way possible. But, be safe!


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