Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions about Facebook is how to check who visited your profile, and understandably so. It’s now easier than ever to find a person on Facebook, via various sources and directories by simply using one’s name, whether for work or for personal reasons. Not too surprisingly, the cases of online harassment and stalking have skyrocketed. Finding out who has been viewing your profile then becomes a need. Alternatively, people may wish to find out who checked them out purely out of curiosity or to derive an approximate measure of their popularity online given the increasing tendencies of us humans to seek validation. Users running a business page may also want to understand the number of people viewing them.

Whatever the reason, we’re guessing that you too wish to see who viewed your Facebook profile since you found this page. Before you found us, you might have looked for a solution elsewhere on the www. The Internet is flooded with blogs and YouTube videos that claim to have a certain number of fixes or working methods to help you unlock this feature. Sorry to break your bubble, but none of those work. Majority of those articles are not authentic and are in fact crafted in an attempt to attract as many visitors as possible to ultimately make money. These sources or even software programs which claim to aid you in doing the aforementioned, are all fraudulent, and outdated. You may have already tried a couple of so-called “working solutions” but to no success. In fact, these methods/software may actually pose a threat to your device. But more on this towards the end of this article.

who viewed my facebook profile

Is It Possible to Check Your Facebook Profile Visitors Officially?

Without wasting any of your time, the answer to your question is pretty straightforward. There is absolutely NO way to know who viewed your Facebook Profile. Remember the good old days when Orkut ruled the social network roost? Orkut officially made this feature available to its users. Maybe that’s how this question even arose in people’s minds. In fact, LinkedIn also allows you to check the same, albeit, only for premium members. Unfortunately, Facebook is very strict when it comes to their user policies, and does not offer any such feature as of now. So unless you know a hacker or are a CIA agent yourself, you cannot see your profile visitors.

But, don’t turn away just yet. We may not have the exact solution to your question. However, we do have something that’s probably the closest to finding out who viewed your profile. Take a look –

View Page Source Method:

  1. Login to your Facebook account using your preferred browser on your computer. We’d highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as is method works the best using the same.
  2. Hit the right-click button on your mouse/touchpad and select “View Page Source”.
  3. You’ll see a page filled with codes and numbers. Press Ctrl+F (or, Command + F, if using MacBook) and type the words “InitialChatFriendsList”.who viewed my facebook profile chrome
  4. It’ll display tons of number combinations against the keyword – InitialChatFriendsList.
  5. These numbers indicate nothing but the profile IDs of other users .
  6. Go back to your Facebook homepage and copy-paste any ID against the URL in your address bar after keying in the character “/”. Press enter. For Example :- facebook id
  7. Facebook will now display the profile page of that particular user.

You might have stumbled upon this method on several online sources. While the method works if you want to understand the user-engagement on your profile, what they don’t tell you is that it is not a direct solution to check who visited your profile.

Note that the first couple of Facebook profile IDs or number combinations are those of people who view your profile often, whereas the ones mentioned towards the end are those who either don’t visit your profile at all or visit very less often. Also, it will only display information of people on your friends list so anyone visiting your profile but isn’t on your list, their ID will remain undisclosed.

Facebook will only show you this much information as the rest is restricted to the server side of the interaction.

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How 3rd Party Sources’ Solutions Can Be Harmful?

As we stated early on in the article, there are plenty of websites with blogs and videos offering methods on how to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Sadly, they’re mostly all fake. These solutions can be offered in the form of Chrome extensions, Mobile apps, and even software programs which can potentially pose a threat to your device as they contain viruses. Furthermore, some of them are created to be able to steal your personal data for their own benefits.

Therefore, if you have already installed any such app or software on your computer or phone, you must go ahead and uninstall it right away. It is also advisable that you head over to your Facebook page, go to Settings>>Apps, and disable access in case you have given permission to any 3rd party app to access your Facebook account details.

Wrapping Up:

To put things simply, Facebook does not permit anyone to see who viewed their profile and it also wouldn’t allow others to check if you visited their profile page due to privacy concerns. Thanks to their algorithm, you can still get a rough idea about the interaction of other users with your account. This is especially useful if you’re using Facebook for work purposes. For any other reason, you might just have to wait until Facebook makes this feature available to their users. Understand that this is also in your best interest as a Facebook user. If you come across any ads, videos, or article related to this topic, offering solutions, try and stay away from those.

We know that this wasn’t exactly the answer you were looking for but it is the truth. Hope we could help!


  1. Hello
    You’re doing some nice work on the website.

    Anyway, I am trying to reach you via [email protected] , but only responding some automated email error. It’s a matter of business 🙂

    Can I reach you somehow?

  2. I got a number but could not see the profile wjen pasting it after It says this code belongs to a person you are not in his audience list I.e. Not a friend. Any way to know this guy?

  3. This works great, IF you want to see who from your friends list has viewed your profile. It doesn’t show anyone outside of your friends list.

  4. A friend show me a application that shows who viewed my profile, I tested with a friend and it works! its on website

  5. You should change the screenshot and name for the Chrome extension in your article m as they’ve renamed the extension to “Social Profile View Notification”.

    Take care.

  6. Actually by reading a little further in the code, I found that you can see the names of the people who visited in the code itself, instead of going to the

    Keep scrolling past the array off numbers, and eventually you will see something like :

    name:”Bob Smith”,firstName:”Bob”,vanity:”bob.smith”,thumbSrc:””,uri:””,gender:1,type:”friend”,is_friend:true

    The easier way is to hit CTRL + F and paste the number in the same source code page. It should take you directly to the line of code above, so that you can read the persons name. It only records the most recent visits though. So don’t expect more than about the most recent ~ 30 people. I also have’nt tested this with non-friends.

    The only reason to use this over the posters method, is that your friends might know of the method listed above and then will be able to track that you visited their profile as well, when you were only trying to figure out who visited yours. This way you know who it was, and font have to visit their profile.

  7. Very well explained tutorial Rahul.
    Even a beginner can follow every single step.
    Keep curating such tutorials for noobs like us 😛


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