Doctor Who is one of those series that has been around for decades that never gets old. It was first created in 1963 and since then there have been several runs of the BBC produced program. The most recent season was started in 1963 and has been running ever since with various seasons and spin offs. Like all sci-fi programs it has always had somewhat of a cult following and been incredibly popular. So you can imagine that when it was on Netflix streaming went mad with everyone wanting to re-watch their favourite episode, or if they weren’t around when the series was first made, then catch up on old episodes to see where the show originated from and how it started.

Good things come to an end though and in 2016 Netflix removed Doctor Who from their streaming service. You’re probably wondering if it will return, and if so when? The short answer is that it won’t be returning to Netflix, at least not in the near future. The BBC struck an exclusive deal with Amazon Prime in the US and that deal is likely to run for quite some time. Fans online have expressed their dismay with the decision saying they don’t like Amazon Prime and that they won’t start using the service just because of one show.

So Where Exactly Does That Leave Doctor Who Fans?

It’s not all lost. A quick Google search suggests that the series can be purchased on Apple’s iTunes. Sure some people prefer streaming, but this does actually have its advantages. It means that you can watch it whenever you want. So imagine you’re out of cell phone range. If you had to stream it on Netflix that could pose a problem, but if you’ve purchased the episodes then you have it on your device and can watch it anytime you want without needing to worry about data and/or WiFi.

The one downside is that you can only buy certain episodes on iTunes. Other episodes are only sold as part of a full season. Sure, we all know that’s a marketing gimmick to draw you in to buy the entire season, but if you’re as much of a as the marketers thinks you are then that won’t stop you making the purchase.  In fact you’ll probably find yourself buying one season and saying, “just one more episode” and before you know if you’ve been through three seasons and the entire weekend has gone. That’s normally how it works.

If you don’t want to buy the program from iTunes, then it could be worthwhile checking out some other sci-fi programs that have made it to Netflix. Then you’ll be able to get your fix and will hopefully forget about Doctor Who. Actually that’s unlikely given how long the show’s been running, but you may be able to distract yourself for a while until the BBC comes to their senses and realises that they should cancel the deal with Amazon Prime and go back onto Netflix.

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Series Like Doctor Who On Netflix:

The Magicians could possibly be the series for you. It’s based on Lev Grossman’s book of the same name and if you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you’ll love this show. It takes the Harry Potter concept and brings it into the adult world so imagine sex, drugs and rock and roll, with some magical activities thrown in, much like the 90s TV series Charmed.  The main character, Quentin, of The Magicians has just started college (university) and is having trouble with his exams when he becomes friends with Elliot who tries to get him to lighten up.

Now that we’ve mentioned Charmed we should probably quickly get to the point on whether or not it’s on Netflix. You’re in luck. The bewitching sisters taking on the world one demon at a time will certainly entertain you.

If you’d rather a more current show though then check out New Zealand’s The Almighty Johnsons. Don’t be fooled by its slow start. Often the best films and TV shows start off slowly but then the action gets going. It follows Axl’s 21st birthday. On the day he becomes another person, Odin, and is suddenly intent with taking on the world.

So there you have the answer and a number of programs you can watch while you wait for Doctor Who to return to Netflix, if it ever does.


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