As digital streaming services like Netflix continue to rise, fewer and fewer people remain loyal to the good old “torrent sites”. On the surface, this statistic may seem to have dwindled rapidly. However, the truth is that there’s still a huge chunk of entertainment seekers who have stuck with it. And to be fair, there’s a valid reason for this; restrictions on availability and overpriced plans, not to mention, the lack of “extra” convenience that comes with simply downloading content.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a horde of torrent sites come and go but only a few good ones stood the test of time. One such site was Kickass Torrents, a hot favorite for many. Unfortunately, it has been blocked in most regions; we’ll talk about that in just a bit. The good news is that there still are ways to get around this issue. But before we sound off the solution, we’d like to touch upon a few things (if you’re familiar with the world of torrents, skip to “The best KAT Proxy/Mirror Sites”). Recently, we have also shared Yify proxy sites.

What is Kickass Torrents?

KAT was one of the most reliable sites whose popularity rose to dizzying heights in absolutely no time. The site enabled people to download a wide range of media including movies, music, TV shows, software, e-books, and more, without shelling out a single dime. KAT was the largest torrent site of its time with a massive user data-base. Somehow this site had a lot more fans compared to other good torrent hosts such as The Pirate Bay and Extra Torrent.

Why Was KAT Taken Down?

As we know, downloading torrents is illegal, and hosting them, even more so. And when an illegal service gets that much attention, it also gets into trouble. Kickass Torrents was literally the Pablo Escobar of torrent sites, changing domain names and having a narrow escape each time. The service was officially brought down last year after Artem Vaulin, the owner of KAT, was arrested in Poland, as a result of a thorough investigation. All the other well-known Kickass domains were taken down too.

What are Proxy/Mirror Sites?

As the terms suggest, “Proxy” or “Mirror” sites are created to serve as a replica of the original torrent website. Thankfully, some of the KAT staffers and webmasters developed these proxy KAT sites that were identical to the official one. You can discover and download torrents, take a look at the number of seeders and leechers, even post a comment just like before. Having said that, they’re not as appealing as they used to be. Nonetheless, you can access these sites even if the main site/other domains are blocked for your location.

The Best Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites:

You’ll find plenty of KAT mirror sites the second you key those words on Google. However, its important to note that many of them are either fake or inactive. Some even pose a threat to your device as they contain malware. Scouring out the ones which are not only active but also incredibly fast, can seem like a huge task. We’ve curated a list of the most well-optimized sites which can be accessed without using proxy:

Kickass Proxy ListStatus
kat.gameking.pwDown Working Working
kat.sitescrack.infoWorking Working

Apart from these, you can even try the following mirror sites, running on a normal speed:

KAT Mirrors ListStatus
kickass.unlockproj.accountantDown Working

In case none of the ones mentioned above work (although chances of that happening are very slim), there are a few sites that maybe slow but still get the job done:

KAT Mirrors - SlowStatus

The KickAss Mirror Sites Which Are Currently Inactive:

For your reference, here are the sites which are no longer available (offline):

KAT Mirrors (Inactive)Status

Alternative Torrent Sites:

Most of you will perhaps never leave KAT’s side. However, there could be a situation where you may have trouble accessing even the mirror sites. For such times, you can always try using other popular torrent search engines like The Pirate Bay,, Demonoid, and Extratorrent.

You may also like Extratorrent mirror sites.

A Word of Caution:

In order to get started you’ll need a torrent client such as Bittorrent and a steady internet connection. But its also important to remember to use a VPN service and an ad-blocker before you even begin surfing any of the torrent/mirror sites. Without a VPN service, you will be basically giving out your location (via IP address) to the concerned authorities, further leading to criminal charges or hefty fines. As far as pop-ups and ads are concerned, they’re usually just annoying; but in this case, they can be quite harmful. So use torrent sites if you need to, but use them safely.

Summing Up:

Some of us just can’t do without “torrenting” and to even think that these sources would cease to exist, can be quite unsettling. However, with the Kickass proxy & mirror sites listed in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy a similar experience as on the original website. Kickass Torrents was, and still is one of the most sough-after names out there in the market. If you’re a loyal KAT user, we hope that you find these links useful. Stay tuned to remain updated on newer and better proxy sites. We’ll be adding them to this list soon enough!


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