Team of Dreamy Tricks is back with a new post in which we are going to share some of the best torrent sites. As you know, torrent is one best method to download any kind of file for free, whether it is pirated or any kind of banned file, you can get almost any file on torrents sites. You can easily download free music, movies, games and songs for free. Most of listed sites are working fine and we are continuously updating this list of top torrents sites and as soon as we will get the more best high quality torrent sites, we will add them to this list. Soon, we will come with a list of best torrent search engines too. Recently, we have also shared free proxy sites.

What is a torrent?

Torrent is basically a file extension for Torrent Clients. These files contain text which points it to trackers to start download from seeders as well as leechers. That’s the reason speed of downloading of any torrent file depends upon many factors like  Leechers, Seeders as well as a number of peers too.

list of best torrent sites

Top 25 Best Torrent Websites 2018 for Torrenting:

1. KickAss Torrents

Here comes one of best sites for torrenting ever made, whenever we talk about torrent sites, KickAss Torrent comes in list always.  This site was founded in 2009 and this site gained a lot of exposures as well as fame just after launching their site. For users, who are using Torrent for a long time, let me clear one thing for you, this is our old Torrent site –, but recently the name of this site is changed. This site is also banned in many countries, but you can access this site using VPN, proxies etc.

Note: Recently, Feds seized KickAss Torrents but still it is available on URL – We are not sure for how much time it will work.

Update: Kickass Torrent is back with with new domain. Here is new URL of Kickass Torrent – If you are unable to access this torrent site then you can check out Kickass Proxy.

Features of KickAss:

  • Find your favorite torrent file using search query.
  • Find best torrents of different categories by clicking on Switch to Full Page.
  • No pop ads to affect user experience.
  • You can interact with other users by registering on their community.

2. ThePirateBay

The Pirate Bay is one of top torrent sites 2018, and it is popular for providing cracks of softwares, games especially. This site is mostly used to download songs, software etc. It is currently ranked on 192 in the whole world (According to Alexa).This site is updated in the regular period of time. Best part of this site is that it is available in 30 languages.

Note: ThePirateBay is currently banned in many countries like India, Pakistan. So, you can use any other torrent sites like Kickass Torrent or any other site from this list.

Features of ThePirateBay:

  • Works on search algorithms to find your required torrent file.
  • Has other filters to find your favorite files by ticking Audio, Video, Applications, Games etc.
  • You can also browse torrents from various categories like Audio, Video, Games, Applications, Games etc.
  • Overall clean site with good UI.


Update: is available on now.

This site is basically a kind of search engine, that will let you search for any file and will show results of other sites, which show available torrents on different torrent sites. It comes handy if you want to download any torrent instantly without wasting too much time in searching for any file on different sites.

Note: is banned in India, so you can use instead of

Features of

  • Torrent Search Engine to find any torrent file easily.
  • Find your favorite torrents from sites on which your file is available.
  • Handy site to find required torrents easily.

4. Extra Torrent

This site is one best directory which hosts tons of tons which even violates policies of some sites. This site even changed their Domain name extension from .com to .cc to many ban issue.Moreover, this site has some other features as well like health meter to show the health of any torrent file before downloading it.

Features of Extra torrent:

  • Browse torrents from your favorite categories.
  • No Pop ads but another bunch of ads.
  • Has Live Chat feature.
  • Has its own community as well.

5. YIFY Torrents

Yify was launched 3 years ago, since then it got the sudden boost in popularity and even Ranked #5 in out list of torrent download sites 2018. It is one of the safe torrent sites, using it you download high-quality movies, songs. It has some other cool features as well like Chat Area, Facebook Page etc. I have to admit that it is a best site to download new movies for free.

Features of Yify Torrents:

  • Provide high-quality movie torrent links.
  • Has the huge database of all Hollywood movies.
  • Provide virus free movies link for safety purpose.
  • Polished UI.

Also check out:


EZTV is a search engine which comes very handy to download any television show for free. It will provide you torrent links as well as magnet links, even without registration at the site. This site interface is very simple. You can check out the list of latest episodes on the homepage of this site with their respective download links. You can visit their forum to request any episode as well.

Features of

  • Simple UI with fast loading theme.
  • List of latest episodes on HomePage with download links to save time.

7. 1337X

It is the site on which files are uploaded by users. Basically, this site is based on Community, where people share torrent files for free download. That’s the reason, this site is ranked #7 in best torrents sites. Most of the traffic on this site come from the UK and liked by UK users a lot.

Features of

  • All torrents are safe and verified.
  • Choose quality before downloading movie torrent.
  • Huge database of movies, music, games, software.

8. BitSnoop

It is one of the most popular site with a huge directory of torrent files (in millions). This site is pushed to Rank 8 in the list of best torrent downloading sites, as This site hosts a lot of useful files and removes files which have a trojan in them instantly using its team.

Features of BitSnoop:

  • Download videos, audios, games, software and other things.
  • Top 100 torrents list.
  • The search option is also available on this torrent site.

9. IsoHunt

IsoHunt was launched 2 years ago, in 2013, but the owner of this site has closed this site after two weeks only. This site is created to make live, but do not have any kind of relation with old IsoHunt site. Even, the design, as well as other things, are almost same, style of this site is very impressive. So, this site is listed in top torrent sites.

Features of

  • Polished & Modern UI.
  • Browse from various categories like Anime, Software, Adult, Movies, Music, Others etc.
  • Provide options to check top torrents from various categories like Anime, Software etc.

10. Lime Torrents

This site is established many years before, but it gain fame and popularity since last two years. This site even appeared in the news in this year. This year Lime Torrent got its place in the list of top torrent download sites.

Features of Lime Torrents:

  • Has responsive search bar to search for favorite files.
  • Files of different categories like Animes, Video, Software, Movies etc. are available.


This site was started some years back. It was started as Bulgarian Tracker. This site became popular from last one year as it was unblocked in the United Kingdom.

12. Summo Torrent

This is a new torrent website which has made its position in the best movie torrent sites list.You can get a list of best movies, TV Serials, Games, Music and Animes torrent list as well as a search box which you can use to download any torrent file.

13. Mini Nova

Mini Nova is was established in 2005, It is not one of the popular torrent sites, but we can say that it is one of the best torrent site from where you can download your favorite files with ease. The best part of this site is you can also upload torrent there which is one of the best features of Mini Nova which makes it one of the best torrent website.

14. Torrent Box

Torrent box is the newly established site but it is one of top torrent site. You can find a list of the verified torrent site from this site which is totally free from any kind of trojans or viruses. On navigation bar of this site, you will find many categories like Movies, Games, Music, Software, Books, YV, Mobile Video, Adult, Anime etc. It has 4 million torrent indexed from Bit Torrent network.

15. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is one of best torrent sites in 2018 with an average of 2 visitors per second.This site has more than 85 lakh torrent files and with more than 40 crore seeds. On Homepage, you can check out most downloaded torrent files which contain latest movies, games etc. Torrent Hound is a very popular torrent site in the whole world with a global rank of 2071.This torrent site has awesome UI as well. You must give this torrent site a try once.

16. SeedPeer

This site is not only one of best torrent download site but it is one of the best torrent search engines as well. On Home Page of this site you can check out best torrent downloads for movies, TV Shows torrents as well as music torrents. You can search for your favorite file as well from search bar which is located at the top of the site.

17. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is best site for geeks who are looking for a torrent site which provide verified torrents only. You can get verified file which is trusted by downloaders and is a virus as well as malware free. You must give this site a try if you are tired with malware torrent files. TorrentFunk is one of a popular site with Global Rank of 7K (According to Alexa). On Home Page of this site, you will find torrents divided into categories like Top 10 Music Torrents, Top 10 Software Torrents, Top 10 Anime Torrents, Top 10 E-book torrents etc.

18. Torlock

Torlock is again one of top torrent site 2018 from where you can download torrent based on user rating. The reason that Torlock is my favorite torrent site is that this site actually pays its users to report fake torrent files which make a database of this torrent site very clean and spam free. You must check out this torrent site once.

19. TorrentReactor

TorrentReactor is one of the top sites with polished User Interface which you must check out.On Home Page of this site, you can find your favorite torrent files based on different categories like Animes, Softwares, Games, Music etc. You can also find your favorite torrent by search bar located on top of this site.

20. TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent websites for movie downloads which we are listing it now in 2018. Files database of this site is increasing at the very sharp rate. So. if you are looking for a torrent site which can provide you quality torrents with magnet links as well. Then, you must try out This is one of best movie torrent site as well.

21. Demonoid

Demonoid is best site for most of the guys who like to do torrenting in their free time. The reason behind the listing of this site here is due to its advanced features of avoiding fake torrent. Most of the guys want to download malware free files from torrent sites. So, if you are unable to find the torrent site from where you can find clean files for free, then this torrent site is worth a try.

22. YTS Torrents

YTS is another awesome site from where you can download your favorite torrent site easily. You can find your favorite movies free downloads which are 720p high definition, 2D movies, and 3D movies as well. On the homepage of the site, you can check out popular downloads of the week. Overall, the user interface of this site is pretty good.


Monova is another popular torrent site which provides free downloads. It’s basically a torrent search engine from where you can search for your favorite files. Instead of using the search feature you can also their Browse feature from which you can browse torrents based on filters like Latest, Audio, Books, Games, Others, Photos, Softwares etc.

24. GamesTorrents

GamesTorrents is one of the best torrent sites for gamers from which you can download games for various platforms like PC, Xbox360, PS3, WII, PS2, Mac etc. You can download your favorite games of different genres like 2D, 3D, Action, Fighting, Sports, Love etc.

25. Torrents is another best torrent website you can try out currently. From this site, you can download verified torrents for free without any monthly subscription. UI of this site is also very cool and modern. You can browse through various categories like Movies, music, television, games, software etc.

 Torrent site nameSite TypeAlexa Global RankPopular in
1.PirateBayTorrent search engine538India, United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia
2.KickassTorrentsTorrent download site75India, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Brazil
3.Torrentz.inTorrent search engine528India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
4.ExtraTorrentTorrent download site312India, Pakistan, United States, Bangladesh, Australia
5.Yify TorrentsMovie torrent site600India, United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
6.EZTV TorrentsForum based torrent site5329United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Kingdom
7.1337xTorrent download site1586India, United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan
8.BitSnoopTorrent search engine4001India, Italy, United States, Japan, South Korea
9.IsoHuntTorrent download site3739India, United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
10.LimeTorrentsTorrent download site145,055India, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Spain
11.RarbgForum based torrent site1137United States, China, India, Netherland, South Korea
12.Bit TorrentTorrent Client7136United States, India, United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea
13.MiniNovaTorrent download site36,720India, United States, Italy, Netherland, Canada
14.Torrent HoundTorrent download site1956India, United States, Pakistan, France, China
15.SeedPeerTorrent download site8735India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia


So, We have given best torrent websites, above through which you can download your favorite movies, songs, software as well as games or any other file for free without paying a single cent. If you like this best torrent websites, then you can share it with your friends using social sharing buttons in the sidebar. You can bookmark this page to get latest updates about best torrent sites.

Do you know about any torrent site which is working perfectly? Feel free to share it with us in comments section below.


  1. is another best movie site for movie lovers. Users can search movies by names, casts and directors. You can also search movie by genres like action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime etc. All movies are in good quality and you can download your movies by single click. You will get two options for movie download first one is magnet download and the second one is torrent download. The choice is all yours. And the best thing is here all services are free.

  2. Eztv isn’t the real Eztv. It was taken over and the original operators were blocked. Use at your own risk. I’ve been told alot of tracker files are uploaded there. Yts is gone permanently. The .ag isn’t yify or seraph or Otto…yify will never be bk..ever. I didn’t continue the list due to the lack of info you’ve provided.

  3. hi
    thank for your awesome torrent sites.At the present time i am using these sites for different type of file downloading,no problem facing during downloading.

  4. HI.. While going through most of the links for download are not working..
    Any suggestions why is that happening ? & what is the way out ??

  5. Hi Rahul bro,
    This is a great list of some good torrent sites. I always prefer to download any torrent files.

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂

  6. i m not able to use kickasstorrent . earlier it was working . but now it demands free registration to download any torrent and then also demads the details of my credit card . plzzzz tell me solution asap

  7. This list is too short. There are many others popular service to browse, search and upload torrents. Such as ,, At last can find top of popular music, movies, games. It shows good trend of our world.

  8. Sorry guys, more less all are not working because of government rules and by Windows 10. Updrading the latest windows blocks downloading. If you have windows 7 or 8, sitck to it. Streaming or watching online movies doesn´t seem to be illegal. unless you have a lot of money for high speed streaming, your doomed to go back to stupid tv with loud commercials every 5 minutes!

    • You’re so stupid it hurts my brain… Windows 10 has absolutely NOTHING to do with blocked traffic. That’s all your ISP and Government’s doing.
      Stop spreading your lies and seeing a conspiracy where there isn’t.

  9. I have found that is very very good and I have downloaded all 60 episodes of game of thrones and a few movies too from there. The torrents never failed. And the speed is perfect always.

  10. I agree with most of the things here 🙂 but ………

    Update: is available on now.

    :((((this is so not true….. is….was the original but its not working anymore
    the other website is a clone new database . same feeling because theye are copying the UI but not related with the original site and never will be . even they are saying it on their homepage

    also EZTV is not the original website, there was a hostile takeover the original team is not running this site anymore…all big torrent sites are not working with this site anymore..

    Isohunt is a mirror….Torrent Hound is not working anymore…for both the original sites will never work again was a domain related to the original… other words the domain is active, but the site itself will never work again.…. LOL the site used to be a major player in the torrent ecosystem…. but that was years ago…. now its a ghost

    as for kickass…….. the original site will never ever come back online, the other domain – ok i agree here that ther is some hope here, because part of the original kickass’s staff is running it , but for now its not an active torrent website its like a blog at the moment

    there are so many other websites out there ….. we need to stop promoting mirrors and clones….old dinosaurs should rest in peace 🙂


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