How often does it happen that you badly wish to purchase a product but are too broke to pay upfront? Well thankfully, there are sites like Fingerhut which allow you to buy stuff on credit and re-pay in monthly installments. All you have to do is apply for credit by filling in all your personal details. Note that you’ll be assigned a certain credit limit that must not be exceeded. Moreover, you may incur an interest charge if you fail to make the payment on time.

All the caveats aside, the best part is that these sites are extremely convenient for times when you don’t wish to use your credit card, have poor credit scores, or don’t own a credit card at all. Although Fingerhut is one of the best “buy now, pay later” online stores out there, you may not always find the product that you’re looking for. Therefore, we’ve rummaged the www to get you a list of the best credit e-commerce sites, similar to Fingerhut. Take a look:

best sites like fingerhut

15 Best Sites Similar To FingerHut 2018



Founded in 2009, Gettington sports quite an easy-on-eyes website, offering a wide array of products, from clothing to electronics to beauty to home décor. Gettington is one of the best sites like Fingerhut. Some if the top brands on the site include Michael Kors, KitchenAid, Adidas, Ray-Ban, and Samsung. You can avail a credit account on the site in a hassle-free manner and also get heavy discounts from time to time. Gettington levies a very low interest charge compared to other sites with the minimum amount being $0.50. In case you fail to make the payment on time, you’ll be a charged a late fee of up to $38. That said, this site delivers your purchased goods at no extra shipping costs.

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The Shopping Channel:

the shopping channel

With over 23,000 products, The Shopping Channel is yet another great alternative to Fingerhut that enables shoppers to pay later. You can choose from a variety of product categories like shoes, jewelry, kitchen, fitness, and electronics. Finding various products is fairly easy, by virtue of well a laid-out interface. Once you apply for the “TSC” credit card and they approve it, you can get a detailed monthly statement, free shipping on special occasions, and other exclusive offers. What’s more? They’re currently offering a 20% discount on your next purchase if you get your credit card membership.


flex shopper

Though FlexShopper looks a little disorganized on the outset, it is sure to prove to be an excellent substitute to Fingerhut; thanks to an incredible customer service with years of untarnished reputation. Customers can select from a huge range of products such as cameras, toys, smart home gadgets, TV sets, mobile phones, and home improvement. Those looking to buy clothes and fashion accessories maybe out of luck. Nevertheless, this is a great site if you’re on the lookout for high-end electronics. How it works is that you fill out their online application form, shop over 85,000 products, and sign a simple lease agreement (digital); and voila! The best part? You can get a spending limit of as much as up to $2,500.



Ginny’s is awesome if home décor products and electronics is what you’re seeking to buy. Aside from that, they also have a wide selection of beauty products, toys, and gifts. Navigating the website is a breeze, thanks to its thoughtfully curated categories which are listed right at the top of the homepage. It’s a site like Fingerhut for home products. Creating your very own Ginny’s credit account is super easy; simply add the desired items to your shopping cart, select check out, and click on “Open a new Ginny’s Credit Account”. It’ll open up a page where you need to answer a few questions about yourself and then submit your order. Ginny’s credit payment plans start as low as $10 per month and the rate of approval is said to be very high.



As the name suggests, LendYou is a unique website that allows you to make purchases right away, without paying for it right then. However, it is unlike all the other websites listed here in that instead of a “buy now, pay later” system with a variety of products to choose from, LendYou connects you to different lenders from whom you can avail a loan in order to pay bills or buy products online. Although the loan amounts may vary depending upon your requirement, a loan of $1000 almost is usually approved instantly. What’s more? You’re not restricted to a certain range of products since this loan money can be used across websites. That said, they do have a few criteria in order to qualify for the loan; those include having a U.S citizenship, a minimum regular monthly income of $1000, and being 18+ years old.

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HSN, short for the Home Shopping Network, is quite a popular choice amongst online shoppers who wish to buy on credit. Much like Fingerhut, you’ll find pretty much everything on this website; from electronics to beauty to food to travel accessories; you name it, they’ll have it. In order to get your HSN credit card, you must create an account and fill out your personal details. As of now, they have several offers running, including a 20% discount on a purchase amounting to $99. Other than that, you’ll receive many other benefits across product categories, easy return process, and zero annual fees. Note that if you pay your dues well within the given timeframe, you will not be charged an interest. However, if you cross the payment deadline, you’ll be imposed an interest fee of minimum $1.

Country Door:

country door

Whether you’re looking for furniture, gifts, bed and bath linens, kitchen and dining products, or stuff for home décor, Country Door is sure to fulfil your needs. You can get your credit membership approved within a day. The payment plans start from just $20 per month against a purchase of $200, going up to $60 per month against a purchase of $1,800. Note that the website does conduct a credit check and the approval will be based on the same. What we love about Country Door is how beautifully it is designed and how easy it is to discover products and use the site. Bear in mind that this website mostly has all home improvement related products. Nonetheless, they do have a clothing section which you could check out.



StoneBerry is an excellent online credit store that serves as a paradise for electronics shoppers. You can buy all sorts of things such as video games, TV sets, speakers, DVDs, turn tables, camera accessories, phones, and more. Apart from that, you can also get other products ranging across categories like gifts, sports accessories, furniture, travel bags, clothing, and jewelry. With StoneBerry you can pay installments as meagre as $5.99 a month. All you need to do is choose Stoneberry Credit as your mode of payment upon checkout. Once you submit your order, your application will be taken into consideration and you can keep checking the status of approval. There’s absolutely no need to fill out a form!

Seventh Avenue:

seventh avenue

Another superlative “buy now, pay later” site, Seventh Avenue boasts of some of the coolest products on this list. Some of the most popular products include solar glass bottle animals, rolling wicker cart, and grapevine chiminea. The products are categorized under various departments like bed & bath, outdoor, women’s clothing and accessories, men’s clothing and accessories, health & beauty, and home store. Similar to Country Door, Seventh Avenue also allows you to pay as little as $20 a month over a purchase of up to $200, but their maximum plan let’s you purchase products worth $2,400 with a monthly installment of $80. You can apply for credit while placing an order and shall receive an approval within 24 hours’ subject to credit check report.



An award-winning credit site, QVC serves as a great alternative to Fingerhut, especially for those living in North America. It boasts of one of the best interfaces in the “buy now, pay later” websites segment with product categories neatly arranged to the top left corner of the homepage. Few of the categories include Fashion, Shoes, Handbags, Garden Center, For the Home, Kitchen & Food, Beauty, Electronics, and Gifts & Holidays. Some of the top brands on QVC are Bose, Apple, Canon, Amazon, Dell, Fitbit, Lori Greiner, Skechers, and Vince Camuto. This site also demonstrates its products via media on their own channel that you can watch live through the website.



Masseys is an upcoming credit store, offering a huge range of quality products including shoes, clothing, accessories, and beauty products, catering to both, men and women. Few of the popular brands on the site are Adidas, Steve Madden, Roxy, Versace, and K Jordan. With Masseys Credit membership, you can buy your desired products and pay as little as $20/month, manage your account online, and pay no annual fees. Applying for credit is as simple as adding items to your shopping cart, checking out, and selecting “Masseys Credit” as your method of payment, and that’s it! You’ll then just have to wait for an approval (which doesn’t really take much time).



With more than two decades of presence in the market, and the “Consumer’s Choice Award” in it’s kitty, MDG is quite a reputed financing store that offers unmatchable customer service, alongside its extensive range of products. Although they do offer home décor/improvement products such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances, their main focus is on electronics. So if that’s what you’re looking for, MDG is totally worth checking out. You can get laptops, high definition TV sets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and more. On Masseys, you can purchase products up to $3,000 at low monthly payments, get quick approvals, and apply irrespective of your credit score. Note that this site requires you to fill out a separate form in order to apply for credit.

Midnight Velvet:

midnight velvet

Midnight Velvet sports a gorgeous lay-out with products sorted under various sub-categories, based on the current season, special occasions, and what’s trending. The main product categories are listed as tabs on the top, including Clothing, Accessories, Beauty & Fitness, Jewelry, and Gifts. There’s also a separate tab for all the on-going sales. Midnight Velvet does not call for a formal form-filling. Instead, you apply for credit just by choosing Midnight Velvet Credit as your mode of payment, upon checkout. Submit your order, and wait for an approval. The monthly payments start as low as $20 with a minimum interest charge of up to $1 and a late payment fee of up to $15.

Monroe & Main:

monroe and main

Another great credit shop option, Monroe & Main offers a massive product range, from clothing to accessories to shoes to jewelry, for both the genders. The only downside being a lack of electronics and home décor items. If you look at Masseys, you’ll notice how similar the product line is on this website. Monroe & Main also doesn’t need you to make a formal credit application. Once you have selected the products you wish to buy, you just need to answer a few questions about yourself, and select “Open a new Monroe & Main Credit Account” upon check out. You’ll be notified regarding the status of approval within a day! Similar to most websites on this list, Monroe & Main also charge a monthly payment starting from $20.

The Swiss Colony:

the swiss colony

If you’re a foodie, The Swiss Colony is sure to quench all your cravings. Unlike the product range of other credit sites, this website offers all sorts of food items including cakes, cheeses, meats, snacks, chocolates, and other desserts. If you’re health-conscious you maybe happy to know that The Swiss Colony also has sugar-free and gluten-free products. The best part? Many of these products are handcrafted, which taste just like your homemade vittles. Their lowest payment plan allows you to purchase products worth $75 at a monthly installment of $10. Buying on credit is super easy! You just need to select “Open & Pay with a new Swiss Colony Credit Account” after checking out, and submit the order.

Wrapping Up:

As stated earlier, these websites are all great alternatives to the very popular “Fingerhut”, that you can check out if you’re looking for something that’s not listed on Fingerhut. They all function pretty much in the same fashion and can be quite useful for when you’re out of money and need to buy something urgently. In case you don’t get a credit approval on one site, try out multiple sites.

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