Solarmovie’s sudden closure was as mysterious as the case of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Okay, that might have been a big exaggerated. However, there is still no explanation on why or how the site was taken down. Rumors have it that Kickass Torrent’s founder, Artem Vaulin had something to do with it but no one really knows the actual truth. Whatever the reason, fact is that you can no longer access Solarmovie.

In case you’re unaware, Solarmovie was an aggregator of free movie streaming sites where users could simply search for a title and watch their favorite movies. Too bad the authorities have become a lot more vigilant because hey, who wouldn’t appreciate the frugality and convenience that comes with such services? You’ve probably tried to access the original site and failed and maybe that’s why you’re here. So if you’ve been missing the site a bit too much, don’t worry. Here is a list of the best sites which are quite similar to Solarmovie. Recently, we have also shared sites like CouchTuner.

sites like solarmovie

Sites Like SolarMovie – Best Free movie Streaming Sites


yify snapshot

Yify held the reigns of the pirate world for about five years before it was shut down in 2015. Though it had started off as a torrent-uploader, it quickly gained momentum and developed an entire website dedicated to free movie streaming. People loved Yify for consistently offering files in the smallest size possible, despite having the best video resolution. Even today, if you search for fairly older movies on torrent sites, Yify files will show right at the top in either 720p or 1080p. Thanks to a huge fandom, webmasters have developed mirror/proxy sites which are as good as the original one. You can stream majority of the content in HD, for free. However, certain titles might require you to create an account. Also, ensure that you pick a good mirror site because the load speed may vary accordingly. Yify is best for those who love watching movies rather than TV series.

Yes Movies:

yesmovies snapshot

Yes Movies is another free movie watching website that can easily be stacked up against Solarmovie. It flaunts a highly premium design and interface with just the right number of filter. You could browse by “Movies”, “TV-Series”, “Genres”, “Country”, “Top IMDB”, or “Featured”. Once you’ve selected a category, it’ll redirect you to the results page. The movies would be displayed in a grid-like format sporting crisp thumbnails with details such as the name and the resolution they’re available in. If you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, it’ll show you a plot summary, release year, IMDB rating, and an option to “Watch Now”. If you wish to watch it later, you may simply click on “Add to Favorites”. The library is quite impressive, replete with latest releases as well as classics.

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Haloa Movies:

haloa movies snapshot

Quite honestly, Haloa isn’t as popular as the previous two on this list but its definitely worth a look. In fact, we found it to be even better than sites like Yify in certain aspects; for example – fewer ads. Though the homepage might appear a bit cluttered at first, you’ll soon get used to the font. Haloa has a hamburger icon to the top-left so you can skirt around the chaos by simply choosing a genre that suits your taste. You could even filter the content as per its popularity, rating, or date of release. Similar to Yes Movies, Haloa Movies also shows the IMDB rating and plot brief when you point your cursor on a thumbnail. Again, this isn’t a site for TV show bingers so if that’s what you prefer, you can skip this.


Movies4u has been around for a fair amount of time. However, if you try to search for it using the same name in the URL, it’ll redirect you to 123movies instead; they’re both practically the same. The site has a very uncomplicated layout, making it quite facile for visitors to use. Even the titles are displayed in large thumbnails with clear fonts, stating whether the content is available in SD or HD. As far as content organization goes, it is quite like most of the other sites mentioned here with identical filters. However, what really stood out for us is that Movies4u does not open a zillion pop-ups upon a single click. This isn’t the case with other streaming services so it’s quite refreshing and less frustrating as a user. The library features a great collection of TV series and movies, including freshly released titles.



In spite of being a free service, Vumoo has put in a lot of time, money, and effort into developing a professional looking website, with the kind of functionality that is comparable to paid sites such as Netflix. With the content shown against a black background, everything just seems to pop. The homepage sports a slider-like format that displays the most recently added titles. As you scroll down, you’ll see categories like Popular This Week, Currently Watching, New Releases, Recently Added, and Trending Television. You could even use the “Browse” button and discover titles as per genres like Romance, Adventure, Drama, and Horror. The best part about this site is that apart from TV shows and movies, it also features plenty of top-rated documentaries (in HD). So if you like variety, you would like Vumoo.



Rainierland may not exactly look or work like Solarmovie did. But, it deserves a spot on this list by sheer virtue of how customer-oriented the service is. By that I mean that the site offers exactly what the consumers want to watch by gathering data on what’s trending or which titles have received the most amount of love and acclamation. This means that you wouldn’t really find many fillers or mediocre content. Another thing that we noticed is that unlike Haloa Movies or Yes Movies, Rainierland’s main focus is on providing complete seasons of popular TV shows. Cheers to more binging! The only that we weren’t happy with is how insipid the site design is, worsened with all the white space.

Movie Watcher:

movie watcher

Movie watcher has an extremely simple design with an interface that is very easy to understand. It is quite alike Solarmovie in that it provides streaming links from various quality sources to watch to a plethora of movies and TV series. The service ensures the best video quality with fast loading speeds and hence, only scours out links which are highly reliable. You can browse content by using navigation tabs like Genres, Years, Most Popular, New Movies, and TV Series. If you already know what you want to watch, just type it into the search bar located to the top-right corner.

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New Movies Online:

In case you’re wondering what the content is like on this site, the name gives it away. NewMoviesOnline has a colossal catalogue of the latest titles including movies, TV series, documentaries, and a horde of other videos, in several languages. While we found the site to be snappy, we thought that the categorization tabs and filters could have been a bit less disarrayed. They are all mentioned as mere tags in a cluttered manner on top of the main page. Nonetheless, it is still fairly easy to find what you’re looking for. Also, just like Solarmovie, this site also works on the site-aggregation system instead of hosting content.


Although Movie4k is built on the same concept as many other sites mentioned here, it distinguishes itself by additionally offering old movies. Other than that, the content is quite similar to what you could find on Solarmovie or other sites listed here. However, note that the focus is more on movies and less on TV shows, unlike services like Rainierland. As far as the interface is concerned, it is satisfactory to a great degree. The content can be streamed in up to 1080p but this totally depends on how new or old the movie/show is. Discovering media is a breeze with the sub-categories displayed neatly on the right side of the homepage. You can search by genre, release year, and quality. There’s also a free “Live TV” option which allows users to access live streams from various networks (limited content).



You must be thinking why Hulu made it to this list because it does not resemble Solarmovie in anyway. Although that is largely true, it is also a fact that Hulu offers a large database of quality and well-curated content (including original shows) with an unmatched customer service. What’s more? It is completely legal! Here’s the big caveat: unlike the other free sites mentioned here, Hulu works on a paid subscription-based model. It offers mainly two plans – “No Commercials” plan for $11.99/month and “Limited Commercials” plan for $7.99/month. You can now also watch live TV from over 50 channels, including big networks like HBO, NBA, FOX, and AMC. So if you want all the good things combined in one place and don’t mind stretching your budget, Hulu should be your top pick.

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Final Word:

9 out 10 services on this list are absolutely free. You can check out all of them and use whichever you like the best. However, be warned that not all of them are legal so its best to use a VPN service in order to conceal your IP address and stay safe. Team of Dreamy Tricks has shared many of such articles. Feel free to check them out too.

Though Hulu is a paid service, you must definitely consider it if legality and overall quality of content and interface is of utmost importance to you.

Pretty much all the sites are supported on a wide range of devices like iOS and Android smartphones/tablets, desktops, select smart TVs, media players like Chromecast, etc. So even accessibility will not be a problem.

We hope that this piece helped you and you’ll no longer miss Solarmovie even though no site can completely replace it.



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