In the past few years, a bunch of streaming services popped up and took over the cable TV and torrent industry reigns, taking the bite out of their user-base. That said, Torrent sites still remain as the ultimate life-savers when it comes to accessing hard-to-find or newly released content. Furthermore, each one of us likes to have a sense of ownership as far as content is concerned. When you stream a video, its gone once the run-time is over. On the other hand, when you download the same video using the same bandwidth, its yours to keep; you can watch it as and when you like or even keep a collection of your favorite entertainment media.

You too are perhaps here to get your hands on torrents through your favorite Torrent site, SeedPeer. Read on to know more. Recently, we have also shared many ebook torrent sites.

The SeedPeer Story:

As you might already know, SeedPeer initially went by the name “Meganova” and garnered a lot of attention shortly after its launch in 2005. It wasn’t until the end of 2007 that the service was re-branded to “SeedPeer”. SeedPeer is without a doubt, one of the most widely used torrent sites after other biggies such as The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, and Kickass Torrents. In 2006, a conflicting group called “MediaDefender” tried chasing down the site operators by putting up fake torrents. But SeedPeer soon brought a “Verified Torrents” category onto its platform in retaliation. In fact, this feature made the site even more popular because it meant more reliable and quality torrent files. Slowly, but steadily, the small site transformed into a torrent giant and regular torrenteers swore by it.

Why Am I Unable to Open the SeedPeer Website?

You may have noticed that many anti-piracy crews have been filing lawsuits against torrent sites for copyright infringement, eventually leading to a complete closure. However, SeedPeer still seems to be up and running, using a different domain name of course ( The only thing is that there isn’t much news about the genuineness of the site. Some sources claim that it is the original website while others speculate that it could be a mirror site. Whatever the case, it has been blocked by the ISP in several regions across the globe. What’s worse? Some of its proxy sites have also been thwarted.

Why you ask? Well, courts in your country may order your ISP to ban certain websites which don’t abide by the laws or pose a threat to your device. Torrent sites run illegally, and hence, get blocked in most countries. Furthermore, certain companies and universities also block websites to limit your usage. The good news is that you can easily bypass a blocked site, including SeedPeer. We’ll tell you how that is possible in the next segment but before moving forward, we’d suggest that you first check whether the actual site is up and running for your connection by entering the URL on .

Proxy Sites: Gateway to Blocked Websites

Think of a proxy site/server as an invisible cloak that helps you to hide your identity while allowing access to sites which are otherwise inaccessible. These sites conceal your IP address and essentially sifts out requests to provide you with all the information you’re seeking.

To save you time, we’ve ferreted out the best SeedPeer proxy/mirror sites currently online. Following sites look just like the original site, are extremely speedy, and function smoothly:

SeedPeer Proxy SitesStatus

In some rare cases, it is possible that the above mentioned sites may not work properly in your region. Try using the following proxy sites which aren’t as fast as the ones listed above, but work just as fine:

SeedPeer Proxy/Mirror SitesStatus

Note that all the sites listed above are being maintained by the SeedPeer staff on a regular basis.

The Big Risk:

Just when you think you’ve found the perfect solution, you’re presented with a fly in the ointment; and SeedPeer is no exception. As stated earlier, the whole reason why proxy sites are banned is that they often contain malware, viruses, and other harmful software that can easily enter your network. These can slow down your internet connection considerably or even damage your device. But, there is a way around this. The biggest and most crucial recommendation is to use a well-reputed VPN service. Although there are a few free VPN services available, they’re not the best. We’d urge you to subscribe to a paid service as it offers more security and features which would be useful not only for accessing torrent sites but also other websites.

Aside from that, here are a few important tips to remember in order to use proxy sites safely:

  • Avoid giving out any personal information if it isn’t encrypted.
  • Use only those proxy sites/servers about which you know or have cross-verified credibility (known ownership and transparent policies).
  • Stop using a proxy site that displays endless pop-ups and adverts. These could be malicious.

Quality Alternatives to SeedPeer Proxy Sites:

Not too sure about taking the “proxy” plunge? Check out other popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents Mirror Site, RARBG, 1337x, and A few of these are perhaps even better compared to SeedPeer, in certain aspects.


We’ve tried to including as many active SeedPeer proxy sites in our list as possible. However, if we’ve missed any site by chance, please let us know in the comment section down below. It would help fellow pirates. Enjoy torrenting but remember to be careful while doing so.


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