The “Hook-up” culture is severely chastised in our society given our deep-rooted culture and tradition. But if you look at it objectively, as human beings, we need to seek an outlet for our basic needs, one way or another. And this is now more conspicuous then ever, thanks to a greater freedom of speech, broader minds, and social media. Hooking-up may actually not be as bad as it is made to sound. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to approach someone in person to have casual fun.

While most of the dating apps claim to help you find love or meaningful relationships, there are a few apps which cater to those who’re only there to seek carnal pleasures. Now there’s no need for you to mask your motive and beat around the bush. Rather, you could get straight to the point with someone who is on the same page as you, thereby eliminating the chances of hurting someone. Recently, we have also reviewed Tinder.

Pure is one such dating app. You may have heard of it and may want to know more about it in detail or may not be familiar with it at all but are interested in such apps. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you. Read on to know more!

pure dating app review

What is Pure?

Created by GetPure Inc, Pure is a GPS based online dating service that allows people to connect with others within a definite time frame. User accounts lasts only up to one hour, pushing people to act sooner and make things happen, while also making it safer due to the temporary nature of all communication. The idea was conceived in 2012 by Alexander Kukhtenko and Roman Sidorenko, along with help from an American sexologist, Carol Queen. Pure was initially advertised along with the phrase “Sex Here and Now. Later, it was officially released in the market between 2014-2015.

Though majority of the dating app consumers still rely on Tinder, Pure is rapidly gaining momentum. In fact, it had over 100,000 people waiting to use the service even before the apps were launched. Currently, the app has a user-rating of 3.7-star on the App Store and 3.1-star on the Play Store based on thousands of reviews.

Who Is It for?

As you might have discerned from the information above, Pure is a dating app that mainly caters to people who are looking to hook up. In fact, it markets itself under the tagline, “The Hookup App”. So if you’re an adult who is seeking fleshly gratification, bold sexual adventures, or casual dates with benefits, then this could be the app for you. You can get all of this without any judgment or strings attached. The process is prompt, forthright, and discreet.

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The Pricing:

The good news is that downloading the app is absolutely free of cost! However, the rest of it needs to be purchased. If you’re a female reading this article, rejoice; because pure is free to use for women in order to encourage more and more ladies to join. But gentlemen, you maybe a little out of luck, unfair I know!

Pure offers a paid subscription plan with options to pay up weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. This membership will allow you to post requests for meeting people, send messages, and more. Plus, you get a 3-day free trial period to test out the services and decide whether to go ahead and subscribe.

  • Weekly subscription – $14.99
  • Monthly subscription – $29.99
  • 3-month subscription – $49.99
  • Annual subscription – $69.99

Note that the subscription works on an auto-renewal system. Therefore, you must make sure that you cancel your subscription before the 3-day trial period ends or the app will deduct the fee from your account. If you decide to go ahead with the subscription but wish to cancel at any point later, you can do that as well.

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The Features:

  • Disappearance of account & correspondence – as mentioned earlier, Pure works around a time-limited concept where your account and chats are visible only up to an hour. You get limited time to build connections and interact with users you are interested in. Once the profile has been deleted, you’ll need to start all over again. This ensures maximum security and faster results.
  • Hook-up requests – Pure is an app where you get a match only on demand; i.e., only both parties post a hookup request for each other. This eliminates piling up of profiles on the feed.
  • Delete requests anytime – Though your profile (including photo) gets deleted after an hour automatically, you can manually send in a request to take down your photo whenever you wish.
  • Chat up instantly – Unlike a few other dating apps, Pure enables people of either genders to initiate a conversation, without having to pay a premium for sending multiple texts.
  • No strings attached – With Pure, you can shake off all your worries about investing time and effort to woo or pursue somebody. You can arrange a meeting for whatever it is that you two mutually decide and go back to your own lives, without any pressure of keeping in touch.

Availability & Device Support:

Pure is accessible in several countries including the U.S, India, the UK, Mexico, Russia, France, and many more. That said, the number of active users may vary from one country to another depending upon the prevalent culture, business competition, and male to female ratio in a particular region.

As of now, Pure is supported on both, iOS and Android smartphones. Here are the download links for both the platforms –

For Android:

Pure, the hookup app
Pure, the hookup app

For iOS:

Pure, the hookup app
Pure, the hookup app
Price: Free+

The Interface:

Pure has one of the nicest looking interfaces in the sphere of online dating apps. It sports a black and white color scheme all throughout, with an incredibly clean and minimalistic design. The app is super easy to use and doesn’t take too long to figure out the functions.

pure dating app review

However, you should be aware that there are a few hitches with regards to its functionality. Users cannot set preferences such as distance; and Pure has a pretty high cap for radius as far as matching users is concerned. You could be matched with someone who is located more than 500 Km away from you, and most people wouldn’t be willing to travel that far just to hookup.

Pure’s expensive membership price maybe good or bad for you, depending upon how you see it. Its good because it keeps the bots and scammers at bay. But unfortunately, its also a possible reason why the app doesn’t have enough users to match with.

How Does It Work?

In order to get started, you need to first download and install the Pure app on your handset, using the links provided above. You can then create your profile by uploading a picture of yourself by either clicking one or selecting one from your gallery. Once a photo has been submitted, it is considered to be a hookup or meeting request. This will show up on the profile feed of other users in your area for up to one hour, after which it’ll vanish on its own, including any chats that you may have exchanged with another user upon matching. In case you’re wondering why this happens, its because Pure aims to minimize data storage in order to avert a potential security breach.

You will obviously be shown photos of members who’re currently online in your area. If you like their profile, simply hit the “heart” symbol and they will be notified immediately. If they also show interest in your profile, a chat-window will pop up where the two of you can interact, exchange phone numbers, or arrange a meeting. In case you don’t end up matching with a person whom you expressed an interest in, its quite possible that their hook-up request has expired or they’ve missed the notification.

As stated earlier, you may delete your photo by navigating to the “My Request” button, located right at the bottom of the screen, and selecting “Delete Now”.

If your meeting request expires, all your data on the app will be erased, as if none of it happened. To match with people, you’ll have to then create a profile from the scratch and make the most of your time.



  • Extremely safe and secure to use
  • Higher sense of anonymity, therefore a greater level of privacy
  • Direct approach ensures no time wastage
  • Free membership for ladies
  • Faster results due to time-pressure
  • Fewer bots



  • Credit card information required for free trial (only for men)
  • One-hour time limit may not be sufficient for everyone and limits number of matches
  • Poor matching algorithm
  • Like or pass profiles only based on pictures
  • Lack of female users
  • Wide range of maximum distance
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

Wrapping Up:

If you just want to have some fun without any of the drama, Pure is worth looking into. Its direct, quick, and doesn’t expose your personal details so the security threat barely exists. That said, male members may want to think twice before spending because the membership isn’t that cheap and the number of active users isn’t impressive either. I hope you liked this review on Dreamy Tricks.

Do let us know how you liked the Pure app experience.


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