MKV is a video format which is widely spread but have conditions when it comes to compatibility and that in regards to supporting in different media players. Despite the fact that this format became very popular in recent years. Still there are many issues which need to be resolved. Because the main reason why people prefer MKV format is extraordinary picture quality, though it also requires a lot of storage space. But the problem is less compatibility as if it doesn’t support your device then it is useless.

convert mkv to mp4

So, the question arises What to do? Is there any solution for this? Well, that’s the motto of our article today. What we’re going to go share three methods to convert MKV files to Mp4 format.

3 Methods To Convert MKV to Mp4 Easily:

Method 1 – Using CloudConvert Website (Cloud Based)

I have seen many websites having the facility to convert the file formats, but we’re going to have a deep look particularly on a website called Cloud Convert which is popularly known to convert file formats. It is definitely trustworthy because it’s being doing this from years and supports variety of file formats. You just have to upload the particular file which you want to convert on this website.

Note:- Cloud Convert website may have access to all files which you upload on their server to convert files to different format. So try this website at your own risk only.

1. First of all, open the convert mkv to mp4 page on the Cloud Convert website. Now, upload your desired file by clocking on select file option or by simply dropping down facility of your browser.

2. You can further trim that video, add subtitles in it, remove audio track and much more by clicking on that settings icon. Once, you have selected all required options, just click on Start Conversion button.

mkv to mp4

3. When the conversion process of he video will be done. An option of green pop-up will appear from there you can download your converted video.

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Method 2 – Using VLC Player

You may all aware of VLC media player. Surely, it is one of the most popular media players which can play almost every video format. It’s the beast among all the video players. Well, If you want to directly play your video with MKV format, then that is definitely possible in VLC player, it will provide you a smooth playback. Most of the people don’t know that VLC also has the ability to convert your videos to various formats. I have mentioned step by step guide to do so.

  1. First of all, download and install the latest version of VLC from VideoLAN’s homepage and then launch the Application.
  2. Tap on Media option at the upper left corner, after that a drop down menu will appear, there you will find an option called Convert/SAVE. Afterwards, you’ll see an option called Add which you have to click and choose the file which you need to convert. Then click on Convert/Save once again.
  3. Now, the most trickiest part, here you have to select your desired video format. From the pre-defined profiles, select “Video – H.264 + Mp3 (MP4)” the drop down menu as shown the picture. Clicking on tune icon will let you choose your desired settings. Once you do that, you have to just specify to the folder or the location where you want to save the video.

Method 3 – Using Movavi Video Converter

To convert the file format of videos I’ve also bumped to many Applications. So wanted to find out the best for the purpose and I got one and the name of the Application is Movavi video converter. The Application can convert the MKV format to Mp4 without losing its quality. The Application was specifically designed for fast conversion to more than 180 multimedia formats. So, it can solve all your compatibility problems once for all. Below I have the mentioned the steps to convert your MKV video to Mp4 or vice versa.

  1. First of all download and install Movavi video converter on your PC or laptop.
  2. Open the Application and click on Add Media button at the upper left corner and click on Add video and upload the video whose format needs to be changed. There’s an option of move in batches from which you can upload all your desired video simultaneously, saving a lot of your time.
  3. You will also see an option called Video from where you can find the whole list of supported formats. If you have different plans for customer resolution, then you can choose them in the cogwheel option.
  4. If you want to choose the folder in which it should be saved you have click on Folder button which is just beside the Save to option. To process the media files, you have to click on Convert option. The processing doesn’t take a lot of time.

So, thus were the three methods I believe the best for this purpose. All the three methods are completely working and very easy to apply. If you will the provided steps perfectly then, you won’t face any problem.

Why it is Needful To Convert MKV to Mp4 –

MKV video format has great picture quality and sound quality. It is an amazing experience to watch stuff in MKV format but as it wasn’t compatible fro many video players, thus I need to bring this article, so MKV should be compatible for more and more people and they enjoy the cool services MKV has to offer them.

Final Words –

Finally, I can assure you one thing that all methods are quite secure and user-friendly. You have to just follow the above-mentioned steps properly to perfectly use those methods and you can definitely convert not just MKV to Mp4 formats, the methods can be used for almost any format.

So, thus was my views and thoughts on converting MKV to Mp4 formats. If you have any questions and suggestion related to the article, then share it with us in the comment box.



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