You might have been wondering if The Walking Dead Season 7 is on Netflix. It’s possible that you’re hanging out and dying to see the new series. It’s an incredibly popular series with 17 million Americans currently tuning into the 7th season to see what happens in the zombie seasons. Even more alarmingly, each season has become more and more popular, with the first season only drawing in an audience of about 5 million. That’s three times as many. Recently, we have also shared our opinions on When Will Doctor Who Return To Netflix?

Like most good television shows, you often miss out on the first few seasons and then get into the show later on. As we all know and frequently see in Facebook memes, that means that you binge on the series and don’t want to stop watching. Unfortunately, there comes a point when you run out of episodes to watch.

So You’re Probably Sitting There Wondering If The Walking Dead Is On Netflix & If Not When Will It Be? Here’s The Answer To That Question –

YES! You can absolutely watch the Walking Dead on Netflix. As of today, the first six seasons of The Walking Dead are available on the website. However, the seventh season is yet to feature on Netflix. According to some reports, the seventh season will be on Netflix after season eight has been released. And the eighth season is said to be released later this year (In September), so you don’t have too long to wait.

Count yourself lucky that you only have to wait a few months for season 7 of The Walking Dead to appear on Netflix in the US. Those in countries such as Australia have to wait much longer. In fact they may not even get the series.  If you’re not aware already then you will be shortly. Netflix Australia only receives a small portion of the TV and movie catalogue that the United States does. Some shows such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad won’t appear in the Australian store at all. It doesn’t seem so bad having to wait a few months now does it?

Why Doesn’t Netflix Have Some Other Hit Shows Such as Game of Thrones?

Apparently the reason some of the hit shows aren’t on Netflix is because of licencing issues. Netflix says that their hands are tied and that they are working to get the streaming service into new regions so they can offer the service to fans across the world. Netflix has said that they’re trying to remove barriers to content and that they want to start streaming the programs much sooner but they can’t.

Sure, we all know that it’s not any comfort knowing that other fans are denied a great show because of some arbitrary licencing legislation, but it’s not all bad. Before the show comes onto Netflix there are other shows that you may want to download. Netflix says that they are constantly adding new titles to the library and that will give users what they want.

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What Other Shows Can You Watch on Netflix That Are Similar to The Walking Dead?

In case you’re an American or UK citizen living abroad or someone who’s always traveling, there are a few shows to watch that Netflix features in most countries.

If you’re into the darkness and like shows that will get your heart racing and your blood boiling, then you’ll love the American Horror Story. It’s possibly even more thrilling than The Walking Dead, so you may find that you get addicted to another TV show. American Horror Story is truly disturbing and you’re bound to be captivated with the storylines.

Another show that you have to know about while you wait for the latest season of The Walking Dead is Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is a TV series that was started in 2011 following the 1985 movie of the same name. It centres around a teen, Scott McCall who struggles to comes to terms with life after being bitten by a werewolf.

These are just a few of the shows that you could watch on Netflix while you wait for The Walking Dead. Failing that, you can always stream reruns. Everyone loves a good rerun. They’re not the same as new episodes of course, but you always notice new things about each scene, and that can make it new again.

Can’t Wait for a Few Months? You Can Stream the 7th Season NOW; Here’s How:

Netflix does take a while to get the latest season up so if you can’t wait to find out what happens in the next season, you can log onto AMC’s official website and binge on the 7th Season of the Walking Dead. However, the catch is that you need to have AMC added to your cable TV/satellite TV package in order to log in and start watching the content.


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