Being the tech guy in your family or among your friends is quite a difficult job. Helping them through their technical necessities can be exciting but when you have to guide them through a phone call the task can be very tricky. But then came to the rescue Remote desktop access apps of which the most popular and preferred is TeamViewer. Other than this purpose remote access helps keep in touch with your files from your computer in your desktop as well as a great help for developers to increase speed in deployments. Discussing especially industrial applications where data centres are accessed remotely for configuration, TeamViewer has been a great tool for the same.

But, again picking the right tools are essential to have remote access that is easy to use. As well as is secure as this is an essential feature to look out for. This feature is lacking in TeamViewer that makes the use of this tool complicated and bad configuration causes lack of security too. And most important of all business applications using this tool is required to pay a huge amount of money and hence we start looking for reliable alternatives to this tool.

best teamviewer alternatives

Best Alternatives To TeamViewer 2018

1. Real VNC

real vnc

Real VNC is a great alternative to TeamViewer. This tool has both free as well as paid versions available for the clients. The software basically contains a server and a client application for the virtual network computing or VNC protocol which is used to control another persons desktop screen remotely. One of the greatest advantages of using a software like real VNC is the security that’s is available while using a platform as this. Although the set up process is a slightly more tedious and complicated in comparison to TeamViewer, Real VNC provides a dependable software that comes with various features such as Cross- platform remote control, file transfer, encryption ,VNC authentication, collaboration tools and chat window tat enables the process of remote desktop access easier and safer. Cross platform enables you to connect to multiple PC’s behind the same public IP address as well as enables to connect individually to a remote computer. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Ubuntu, Linux as well as for Raspberry Pi. The Software is free for individual use and is paid for commercial usage.

2. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

remote desktop connection

This feature has also been built into the Microsoft windows OS, which has both ultimate and Business versions which are both available. These have the ability to offer fast and easy access to control any remote PC completely. This will be the perfect start for amateurs and beginners who would like to explore the remote access for desktop software as this is easy to configure compared to TeamViewer and also very easy to use in comparison. This software is available in Windows as well as in Mac X OS and is quite preferred over TeamViewer. To access the settings you will have to visit the system settings in your control panel of a windows OS. Here you will have the route the router of the remote PC on the port 3389 in order to direct to your PC. There is no necessity to install any additional software to get the work done. But the greatest disadvantage with this tool is that unlike VNC multiple PCs cannot be controlled at the same time.

3. Chrome Remote Access

chrome remote access

Forget even installing a software when it comes to using this tool or in fact having to look for a tool. All you need is your chrome browser and this free tool extension for your browser is easily available and this can be accessed to run on any operating system of your choice. This add-on will enable the user to access and control files and contents from any remote desktop through the browser itself. This is a fully secure method and helps have full access to files and folders from remote desktops. This is a completely free tool and the setting up process is also very easy and most of all is a completely secure method for file transfer. A tool that hardly needs any work on for installing and is also available without any platform bias, Chrome remote access is among the best alternative for TeamViewer especially given all these features are free.

4. LogMeIn


LogMeIn is among the best remote desktop access solutions available and is a great competition in the aspect of features for TeamViewer. While the recent removal of the Free version available for the software became a major drawback the features and quality of this software is still causing it to be a great alternative for TeamViewer. LogMeIn offer various features such as File transfer, access to local printer, audio as well as video streaming, sharing documents with collaborators etc,. This software is supported by Windows as well as MAC OS X. this software offers unique prospects for remote access along with being priced very less compared to normal TeamViewer packages.

5. Join.Me

Join. Me is a platform that offers versatile features with respect to online conferencing in comparison to that of TeamViewer. This software developed by LogMeIn is a premium online conferencing and meeting tool that enables multiple people from varying location to connect to one another at the same time. While the features of this software are not exactly in the same plate for comparison for that of TeamViewer when it comes to multiple connection and access Join.Me leads the line. The software is available for Windows as well as MAC X OS and offers unlimited audio thus enabling anyone to call from any device which can be both VoIP as well as normal phone lines. The software offers various features such as recording, one-click meeting etc along with which a paid version will add on about 250 participant capacity to attend a single meeting and mobile apps. Basic VoIP service is free of cost whereas Pro and enterprise plans and paid and adds better meeting management features.

6. Ultra VNC

ultra vnc

Yet another tool based on VNC is the Ultra VNC which also uses Virtual Network computing protocol as its base technology. This tool is free and has been developed based on windows for remote access. Once the connection is established it will be possible to work other systems. The connection and configuration process is easy and once this is established the file transfer process is also fast and easy. This offers complete remote access to any remote desktop that you might want to work with. One of the most important feature to watch out for Ultra VNC in comparison to TeamViewer is that it is completely free and the steps used are also simple. The tool helps instant access and troubleshooting becomes easier this way. The only disadvantage is that this is available only for Windows platform so far.

7. Mikogo


While price wise I would not suggest this as a alternate to TeamViewer given this turns out more expensive in comparison, Mikogo is a great choice for those looking into business application or any other commercial purposes. Unlike Team Viwer, Mikogo does not need a software that needs to be installed in order to use this. You can directly use it from your browser and no plugin installations will be necessary. This is a cross-platform bowser based tool for remotes desktop access and comes with various features that enable remote access as well as conducting meeting an conferences easier than it was before. Some of these features include swap presenter, free mobile app, multi-user whiteboard, file transfer etc,. It is supported in your browser in PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and android mobile devices. Here the cost variants are based on number of participants.

8. Cisco WebEx


While this has been the established method of video conferencing for most corporates associated with Cisco, WebEx has more functionalities than just enabling high quality video conferencing. Through its mobile and desktop applications this tool lets you connect to different systems. It is mandatory that the remote desktop access needs to be monitored or present from the other side too. Passing over mouse and eyboard needs to be given by the attender on the other side to be able to access and this tool comes in both free and premium model. Cisco WebEx has been a preferred tool with respect to corporates and this is due to the various features it offers such as chat, face to face interaction , sharing files , scheduling using outlook, password protected messages etc,. It is supported in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as mobile apps and has a paid version when more than 3 people are involved based on increasing number of users.

9. AMMYY Admin

ammyy admin

This is a free remote desktop solution that can be used by both individuals as well as business. The greatest advantage of this tool is that the software for the same is a very small 1 MB size file that can give amazing features of remote desktop access along with various additional features such as live chat as well as file transfer. The other important reason to choose this as an alternative to TeamViewer is that it is more secure and comes with built-in-voice can enables system administrations, easy setup and helps in remote presentations. The ease in setup as well as the fact that it consumes minimum data and occupies a small size makes this a desired alternative especially in professional application. This tool is free for individuals and paid for commercial purpose under models. Also, this tool is only available for windows which is quite a disadvantage for an amazing tool as this.

10. Splashtop


This offers both free as well as paid models and is available for business and individuals. For a personal setup like most other tools you can setup and use for free but only till trial period. The best feature for this tool is that setting up this tool on your windows or MAC will help you access and control files and other contents over remotely over you android phones or iOS mobile phones which is completely amazing. And all these features making this tool amazing is just an addon to the fact that that transfer and access is very secure. Enjoying your media can also happen remotely with ease as there is minimum latency on audio as well as video streaming. This tool is also great for transfer of files and the free version can be used for personal use up to 5 computers. This means you can rely on this tool for troubleshooting purposes although it is primarily used for media access remotely. Also, this provides a cross platform secured file access sand transfer and the user experience with this tool has been very positive. This is available for Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, Android and iOS phones and is free for 6 months and starts costing for both individual and business after the free period.

Final Words

The above listed are some of the best available alternatives for TeamViewer. With technology using and rouble shooting can happen better and easier with such remote access software in comparison. Also, with new software that are offering a completely free solution for the same the task becomes easier and cheaper than before. Keep visiting our blog to get latest tech updates. Each of the above listed have certain advantages that might make them to right pick as an alternative to you. So you can check out these Software in detail before proceeding and picking the right one.


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