How do you know your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is honest to you? Is there any way to check the speed of your broadband connection to find out whether they talk true? Today, I am here with this article on the internet speedtest sites to help you out of the chaos. You can use any of the sites below to test the speed of your net connection.

So without much ado, let’s get started.

Best Internet Connection Speed Test Sites

I am going to share about seven sites for internet speed test. Choose one according to the convenience.

#1. SpeedTest


best speedtest app

Whenever someone asks me how I check my internet speed, I tell the name SpeedTest at first before anything. It has got a beautiful and elegant design. But you can’t test your broadband using this site on your mobiles.

Being the best speedtest for internet, this website has got a seamless interface that never confuses you to complete the process.

On the homepage, you will see a map, showing the approximate location of yours on top of which lies the Begin Test button. Clicking on the button will kick start the process.

Finally, it will display the results as Ping (time taken for responding), Download and Upload speed in Mbps.

I can’t deny the fact that this is the best speed tester app as Android, iOS and Windows versions are available. You have to search for Ookla SpeedTest to get it.

Note: internet- You must have Flash Player installed on your desktop browser.

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best speedtest for internet

You may find SpeedTest to be a sluggish Internet speed testing tool because the base of which is a flash player. The site takes a bit longer than normal to display the test button. If you decide going with SpeedTest is not good for you, is here.

On the homepage, you will get the test option right away with no strings attached. You can click on Start Speedtest that it won’t delay starting the test.

The interface resembles the speedometer of a vehicle, and it shows movements during the test. You have to click on a button to see the results on completion.

#3. TestMy.Net

best speedtest site internet

Here comes another best speed test for broadband. The remarkable feature that makes this site stand out from the rest is the option to choose the test type.

All the internet speed checkers test both the downloading and uploading speed. You must wait to finish the process even if you don’t want the latter but the former only. But here on TestMy.Net, you can choose download, upload or mixed test.

The working of this internet speed tester tool is very simple. At first, it decides an ideal file size for your connection. And then, it downloads the same to check the speed and steadiness of your connection.

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#4. BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test

best broadband speed test

If you are looking for the best minimalistic broadband speed checker online, you must use this website.

The design is very simple that they didn’t insert any fancy elements. Moreover, the site has no clumsiness because it never relies on Flash Player.

On the homepage, you will get a whole bunch of instructions in red color. If you are lazy to read those, just choose Yes radio button and Begin test.

Ensure that no wireless adaptors are connected to your PC and the Antivirus software is not consuming data. In both the instances, you will not get the accurate speed data.

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#5. DSLReports

best broadband speed test Australia

If you are searching for best broadband speed test for Australia, Singapore or countries other than India and the neighborhood, you are wholeheartedly welcome.

During my internet speed check with DSLReports indicated that they have no servers in India. Apparently testing the speed on a server too far is not an idea because you won’t get the actual data.

They have a set of test tools, but you need to click Start just right to the Speed Test. It will bring you to a page where the connection type selection should be made. Then, you can get the speed information within no time (given you are in a country with DSLReports server).

#6. MySpeed Visualware

best bandwidth speed test site

Do you have the question ‘best broadband speed test in my area’ in your mind? Then, this one can solve the same.

On the homepage, you will be greeted with a world map that depicts test locations of MySpeed Visualware. The green color indicates the presence whereas the blue color proclaims the absence. Unfortunately, they too haven’t got any center in India.

First, you have to choose the type of the checkup from quality, speed, video, firewall, VoIP, route and IPTV. Then the next step is selecting the location. Bear in mind that you can’t proceed to speed check by clicking on a blue location.

Finally, you will be given the test results after being particular about the test center.

#7. Bandwidth Place

best bb speed test

Are you not satisfied with the six free speed test tools I have given above? Then, you are going to love Bandwidth Place.

It will not drive you nuts to choose the location, connection type or test type. They prove that a broadband checking can be this much simple.

If you are from the US, then you can speed up the process by entering the PIN code into the given field, which will help Bandwidth Place to find the server. But going completely automated won’t take much time as well. It takes 1- 2 seconds to determine what server to work on. That’s all.

The design of both the site and speed checker is minimalistic, at the same time spellbinding as well.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you have found the right one from the above list of best speed test sites. Some of them may not work in your location. But, I am sure you find at least five of the speed test checkers to be working.

Have you used any of these free internet speed test tools? What do you think? Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.



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