You may think that laptops are not cutting the mustard when it comes to gaming. But to be frank, a laptop with good hardware configuration is more than enough to give you the best gaming experience. Moreover, portability is at its best in laptops. So, you can carry them to wherever you want. Best gaming laptop under 1000$ is one of the trending keyword now a days. Moreover, gamers always try to get most powerful computer systems on which they can play high-end games.

So today, Dreamy Tricks is back with a post in which we will list best and most affordable gaming laptops. If you are a video game addict who is looking forward to buying gaming laptops, this post will be a gift for you. I have tried my best to choose those laptops that don't make your money go in vain. This list includes products from $750 to $999.

best gaming laptop under 1000$

Gaming laptops can not only run high-end games like a breeze but it can also open any heavy software like video editor smoothly. In this list we have sorted laptop on various factors like CPU, GPU, RAM, CPU cooling system, HD speed and of course looks as well.

So, let's move on.

How to select any laptop?

Here, I am going to share some criteria based on which you can pick the best gaming laptop for you.

1. Budget

The very first thing you should set is the budget itself. As a tech enthusiast, you know that there are tons of laptops are available for different price ranges. You can get one for $300, $500, $800 and of course for $1000. So, decide how much bucks you have, to be spent on a laptop.

Suppose your budget is $1000, you have to make a list of gaming laptops coming under the range of this price.

Sometimes, you may have to raise your budget a bit up to get your hands on a lap which is superior than one comes under your budget. But, you will never regret elevating your budget on the laptop for sure.

After setting your budget, you can proceed to another factors mentioned here. I recommend being meticulous here because some laptops priced higher are inferior to lower priced ones when it comes to features.

2. Graphic Processing Unit aka GPU

You know how important is a processor to a computer, don’t you? Literally, it is the brain of the machine, which controls and monitors every single process. Similarly, a GPU is the driving force of the computer for delivering high quality graphics.

The GPU does millions of calculations per minute in order to render images accurately and appropriately. Today, every high-end game comes with 3 D graphics. Your computer should have a strong Graphic Processing Unit for displaying the graphics well. If it has a subpar GPU with weaker ability to render graphics, your gaming experience will not be going to entice you.

Most of the Intel powered laptops comes with Intel onboard graphics that become dead when the CPU stops working. And, you can’t expect a comfortable gaming experience from onboard graphics. That being said, you will start seeking the perfect graphic cards.

As of now, AMD and NVIDIA are two prominent GPU manufacturing companies offering a good range of under-the-hood component. I know there are brands that boast about the amount of RAM and HD their laptops have. But in gaming, not RAM or HD controls how well a game can be played. Instead, GPU is the commander of the best gaming experience.

So, whenever you are going to buy a laptop for the sole purpose of gaming. You should consider the GPU info more than anything (I don’t mean you have to be completely blind towards other component ).

Imagine, you are stuck with two laptop buying options both of them have similar specs except one sports a GTX 990M GPU while the other GTX 890M. Then, you must buy the one with GTX 990M inside for it’s the latest and advanced GPU that can handle intensive games like a breeze as compared to the one with GTX 890M.

And, it is true that the higher grade GPUs generate heat and eat up battery faster. So, if you get a chance to have dual GPUs in your system, don’t hesitate to power up with two that is power efficient and temperature efficient.

3. Central Processing Unit aka CPU

As I already stated, CPU is the brain of any computer. But when it comes to gaming, CPU exchanges its role with GPU. The role of CPU in 3D gaming is not as important as GPU’s.

I know you are skeptical about this. So, let me tell you an example. Consider three laptops having entirely different CPUs- the first with dual-core 2.6GHz Core i5, the second with quad-core 2.9GHz Core i7 and the last one having quad-core 3.1GHz Core i7. The three of them support hyper threading technology which causes the ease in performance for handling multitasking. If you look at the price of them, you can see that the first one is 850 dollars cheaper than the last and most dominating (as you think) one.

But in reality, you won’t see any difference in gaming performance of the machines having those quad core processors. And, for most of the games available today no matter how intensive they are in terms of graphics, you don’t face any difficulty in playing them on computers with the dual core i5 processor.

Maybe, you are having a doubt that whether this is the case of AMD processors or not. Actually, gaming laptops these days aren’t coming with AMD processors inside.

4. RAM

Even a kindergarten student knows the full form of RAM and its function. Being a temporary memory, it’s responsive for faster performance of any machine.

It’s always a topic of discussion that how much RAM should an ideal gaming laptop needs? Seeing the brands offering alluring amount as much as 32 GB of random access memory, you will have the tendency to go for them. Unless you are a YouTuber or video editor or a content creator, you don’t need even 16 GB of RAM for the sole purpose of gaming.

You may think that I am kidding. But no! A laptop with 8 GB of memory is more than enough for most of the games you can avail today. I recommend spending the extra amount you need to purchase a 12, 16 or 32 GB RAM for better GPUs so that you can have an incredible gaming experience.

For a crazy gamer having a machine with 16 GB of RAM does not use even 50% of RAM in games. That means, he or she doesn’t need that much RAM. So, better buy an 8 GB RAM and invest more on GPUs.

5. SSD

Don’t you know what an SSD is? Well, let me tell you then.

Over time, people found out that the hard disks that serve as the temporary memory of computers are slower than anticipation. So, computer experts looked and thought hard for a better alternative having good speed. And, finally, their quest ended up on Solid State Drives aka SSDs.

Instead of storing data in mechanical platters as in HDs, SSDs saves information in chips. So, it can recollect the written data faster than its predecessor.

I am not compelling you to have an SSD on the laptop you are going to buy. But if you get a chance to have one, don’t let it go. SSDs have a greater impact on both booting time and game loading time. So, you are left with no other option if you want your games to load faster.

But SSDs are expensive when compared with ordinary SATA HDs. So, you have to be satisfied with 250 GB or even 128 GB. And, today most of the games have more than 30 GB in size. That means, you will soon run out of space if you go only with low sized SSDs. The solution here is to have a regular HD along with the SSD. Or if your laptop doesn’t have the ability to include more than one hard disk, go for hybrid drives in which a small portion is served as an SSD. Well, if you budget is good then try to get good amount of SSD in your next gaming laptop as it can really make huge difference.

6. Display

Display also plays a vital role in deciding best gaming laptop under 1000$ undoubtedly. Gaming is mostly a viewing experience rather than anything other. So, you should take extra care in the display when it comes to gaming laptops.

A majority of laptops today are shipped with Liquid Crystal Display aka LCD. The downside of it is you can’t get the same view every spot around the device. So, you need to be in front of the computer every time when you want to play a game.

This disadvantage of LCD can be rectified by IPS panels. But sadly, IPS panel displays are expensive. That’s why most of the gamers buy LCD laptops. You can purchase one with an IPS display in case you get enough funds.

Another criterion is display resolution. The higher the display, the better the view will be. But you will have to sacrifice frame rate if you go for monster displays like 4k. The ideal display resolution is full HD that’s 1920x 1080.

7. Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important think while selecting best gaming laptop under 1000$ for you. If you are a person who doesn’t get time to place your laptop near the power socket often in days, you need a laptop with better battery backup. The fact is as the capacity of battery increases, the laptop size, weight and the amount of heat it dissipates increases.

And, some laptops drain battery juice faster even with a bigger battery. So, you have to read and watch reviews to figure out the battery backup of laptops.

As a gamer, you have no right to ask for the best battery life because no laptops are here that drains little juice while gaming.

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000$ - 2016 Models

#1. ASUS N550JX-DS71T

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Asus needs no introduction in gadget market as it has a lot of devices and before a couple of years, they set in a successful journey in the smartphone market as well. The processor, Intel core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz is capable of handling high-end games quite well. This supreme process combining with 8 GB RAM can do wonders. If you are a performance savvy who keeps on improving the hardware configurations of your devices, you can add another 8 GB RAM stick to make the memory 16 GB in total. In gaming, Graphic Processing Unit aka GPU is important. This Asus monster has got GeForce GTX950M GPU with 2 GB RAM. You may find the GPU inferior to some other laptops in competition. Even though it is true, I don’t think GTX950M sucks in gaming. The hard disk size of  N550JX-DS71T is 1 TB. So, you won’t run out of space even after installing quite games. The full high definition display with decent PPI will not disappoint you after all. The laptop has got a spellbinding design with only 6 pounds of weight. The ventilator system is so efficient that you can’t find it to be hot.

#2. MSI GE62 APACHE-276

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 You may be new to this laptop brand, MSI. But this company has been creating a huge buzz in this field for quite a while now. If you are looking for the best and small gaming beast under 1000 $, you can opt out for this laptop. Being priced at $999, this MSI laptop is offering a comfortable gaming experience. The Quad Core i7-5700HQ 2.7 GHz is good for handling heavy software be it a game or graphic creating tool. The GPU here is superior to the first list I have given in this list of best laptops under 1000 $. GeForce GTX960M GPU with 2 GB RAM can run almost all of the games available today as a walk in the park. You will not find this laptop to be suffocating when trying to play any graphically intense game. RAM takes the next place as the criterion to find the best gaming laptop. With 12 GB DDR3 RAM, Apache- 276 can multitask smoothly without any issue. The 1024 GB hard disk has a speed of 72000 rotations per minute. That means, the HD also will not let you down. The best thing about Apache 276 is it comes with Windows 10 out of the box where as the previous Asus laptop has only Windows 8.1.

#3. Acer V15 Nitro VN7-592G-71ZL

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 The next pick in our list of best laptops for gaming under 1000 $ is an Acer product. Just like Asus, Acer also needs no introduction. Even though their smartphone business isn’t a huge deal, their laptops are always the favorites of gadget freaks. As always the first thing I am going to mention is its processor. Intel takes charge again with their Quad Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz processor in Nitro VN7. The processor range is the same in all of the laptops I have mentioned until this one. But when we look into GPU, the story starts to change. You will be getting a GeForce GTX960M GPU with 4 GB RAM. Isn’t the best in class? In a gamer’s point of view, it is impeccable. But for the extra 2 GB in GPU, you have to sacrifice RAM as it is only 8 GB. The OS is the latest- Windows 10. And, this laptop has got 15.6 inches full HD display with 1 TB HD in it.

#4. Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 This Dell product is the cheapest of all in this list. That means you have to adjust to some hardware limitations. But, to you surprise, Dell has something unexpected to make you jump out of joy. It is powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i7 which is one of the best thing about this laptop. Dell guys know this more than anyone, that’s why they integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 GPU with this laptop. Have you read any of the laptops I have mentioned above has an SSD? I know you haven’t. But this Dell beast has a 256 GB Solid State Drive for super fast performance. The RAM is 8 GB in size. But it will not affect much in gaming as this one has a better GPU. The screen size and resolution are the same as any other item on this list, 15. 6 inches with FHD resolution.

#5. Lenovo Y50

best gaming laptops under $1000 You might start thinking about the lack of a Lenovo product here, right? Over these years, Lenovo has got a huge reputation and brand value among laptop users. Talking about one of these best gaming laptops under $1000, design is something that is going to captivate your mind at first. Its compact design with lit up keyboard and nicely placed track pad is enough to make a dent on any videogame lover. The superior GPU (GTX 960M) coupled with 2.6GHz Intel i7-4720HQ quad-core processor is more than enough to give you a seamless gaming experience. The RAM is 8 GB whereas the graphic memory is 4 GB. I really liked the way Lenovo incorporated the touch screen technology on the display of Y50. Even though the display is largest of the laptops (15.6 inches), you will not feel an equivalent weight. Weighing only 5.3 pounds with 0.9 high, 10.4 inches deep and 15.2 wide, Y50 is one of the slimmest gaming laptops you can ever get. As a gamer, you are going to love the Dolby sound on this lap that is capable of delivering a boom boom sound profile. Unfortunately, you won’t get a chance to insert an SSD. But still, the 8 GB SSD space used as cache storage is sufficient to load games in thunder speed.

#6. Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5260

Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5260 How can I go further without mentioning a Toshiba product? As we all know, Toshiba has been dominating the laptop market for a while now. Their satellite brand brought an image of reliability to them. If you want a laptop to play highly graphic intensive games, I recommend checking other items in this list because this one is not going to satisfy you in playing modern intensive games. Yet, you can use this to play games like Counter Strike, GTA’s old version games etc. like a breeze. The look is what you are going to find impressive here at first. With a suitably merged colour combo of white and silver, this laptop is cutting the mustard for anyone. The laptop is powered by Intel’s i7 processor clocked at 3.5 GHz. With a decent Intel onboard graphics along with 12 GB DDR3 RAM, Toshiba Satellite S55T is one of the best laptop for gaming whose budget is under $1000. The two drawbacks are lack of DVD drive and the latest Windows OS out of the box.

#7. Alienware 15 ANW15-1421SLV

alienware An Alienware laptop is a treat for any game lovers due to the fact that it has built exclusively for gamers. I know it does not come under best gaming laptops under $1000 list. But if you are ready to spend about $300 extra, you are going to get a real beast. Unlike the previous item I have mentioned, this one has got a discrete graphics that’s GTX 965M. The Intel i5 processor clocked at 2.9 GHz with 8 GB onboard memory is the right and sufficient pick for a gaming laptop. The two fields with which this Alienware product got the perfect edge over others are display and storage. Most of the laptops in this price range offer an LCD panel while this one has got a 15.6 inches full HD IPS panel with antiglare technology. Talking about the storage, it has a whopping 1.5 inches storage of which 500 GB is SSD. As always, the build quality is awesome with this one too. The backlit keyboard adds charm to the entire look of the laptop. On the keyboard, you can find 12 programmable keys to use as per your convenience. If you don’t want an IPS panel and more SSD storage, you can look at other choices here.

Have you picked best laptop for you?

I hope you already picked a cool laptop for you. If you have any doubt regarding the configuration of any of these products, you can let us know using the comment form right below.

Obviously, the list is not complete as you can find some good laptops like Alienware, etc.

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Have a nice day.


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