So you are looking for best animes available on Netflix, aren’t you? I hope, being an anime fan you know, there are a lot of series that can keep the curiosity of watching the next episode more than those with real people. That’s what inspired me to write this article on top anime series available on Netflix. Each of the following is handpicked by me to get you the best-in-class ones.

Best Animes on Netflix

Best Animes on Netflix 2016

You are going to find ten best anime series on Netflix to watch in 2018 down below.

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1. Death Note

One of the best thriller animes of all time on Netflix, Death Note brings the top-notch content to the table.

A teen who finds a death note gets a skill to kill at his will. The police and thief part between Light, the teen and the detective known as ‘L’ makes the series quite interesting. The last quarter of the series is more of off-track. Note that Death Note anime is not available in every country on Netflix. If Death Note is not available in your country i.e – India, then you can use these anime streaming sites to watch Death Note.

Update: Netflix is all set to launch Death Note Movie (Directed by Adam Wingard). Check official trailer.

2. Psycho-Pass

best animes on netflix with romance

During the initial days, Psycho-Pass was celebrated as the successor of famous Ghost in The Shell. But then the intensive psychopathic drama made the same people say it resembles more of Death Note.

The storyline of one of this ever times best animes on Netflix quite intriguing, even though the biggest fantasy it holds. The story takes place in a strange place in Japan (not in the real Japan today), where the administration is on the foundation of a Sybil system.

Akane Tsunemori, a police officer who gets herself into troubles by questioning the monopoly that kills and sentence people only for their slightly unbalanced mind.

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3. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The prequel of this anime, Full Metal Alchemist, started airing in 2003 and longed for six years was well received. That’s why the creation company has kept the animation close intact.

As the name hints, it is a story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse or the Elric bros. Edward is gifted with the technique Alchemy –a method to transform objects from one form to another. As Edward takes the role of State Chemist, he feels the urge to make his country proud.

It is one of the best action animes on Netflix.

4. Ouran High School’s Host Club

Are you looking for the best shoujo on Netflix? Then, you must watch Ouran High School’s Host Club. A host club is a group of guys to entertain girls.

The main character here is Haruhi, who transforms the Host Club in her school. Although the anime were first aired about ten years ago, you will find out that it keeps the old glory.

5. Your Lie In April

Here comes one of the best romantic animes on Netflix. The story gets intensified with every episode.

The main content is the relationship between a violinist and a musician who doesn’t soulfully like music.

But the series turns great when each of them meets. On one side, a violinist with immense love towards the art and on the other side, comes the girl who is a talented musician.

By the influence of the violinist, the lady piano player finds pleasure in every note. It is one of the best anime on Netflix with romance.

If you are looking to stream 4K content on your television, then you should check out 4K content which is available on Netflix 2018.

6. Attack on Titan

What if I give you the best horror anime on Netflix?

Attack on Titan is the story about us, humans, living in terror of being killed. The cause of death is Titans, which are invisible and came to earth only to drink human blood. Yeah, vampire!

The second season of the series is going to be released in this year. So, gear up to watch the first season. You will thank me later.

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7. Steins; Gate

best anime cartoons on netflix

Do you like movies with time travel? I hope you will love this anime too as time travel is the core idea.

The story revolves around a scientist with a gold heart. He lives well by spending time with his friends and carrying out crazy inventions.

One day, he finds a wounded fellow scientist who is about to die. Then, our protagonist calls his friend and asks him to backdate the time.

There it starts. Out of curiosity, the scientist keeps on traveling and sees a lot sees a lot of evil he doesn’t want to.

7. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is one of the best animes on Netflix that deals with criminal incidents.

Rokuro is a person whom his company sent to deliver a major disk with sensitive data. But the boat he was traveling was conquered by a few pirates. Along with the disk, they take him to trade off.

And this anime contains Rokuro and his wife’s tries to stay clean in the corrupted world.

You will see a lot of intensive, maybe offensive scenes like violence, bloodshed, and even sexual exploitation.

8. Ghost in The Shell

If you were reading this closely, you might have noticed that I used this name earlier once in the article.

Ghost in the Shell is not show. It is the best anime movie on Netflix. The story takes place in Japan, in 2020.

The world is connected by a network that some humans can even possess superhuman skills. The Matrix, the ever time hit movie has a clear influence on Ghost in The Shell.

9. Gurren Lagann

best cute animes on netflix

Are you a fan of best mecha animes? Even if you are not, you will love this series, I swear.

Unlike most of the other mecha genre animes, it keeps on with the flow by talking about robots wherever necessary.

The emotional connection you will feel can never be achieved by any other mecha. Hence it is so far the best mecha anime on Netflix.

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Wrapping Up

You have got ten best animes on Netflix to watch in 2018.

And, it’s time for you to access Netflix and start watching. In case you have a personal favourite which you think would be a great addition here, don’t forget to let me know of the same using the comment section down below.

Dare to spare a share. Cheers. 🙂


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