Music is the best remedy for all our streess from our daily routines and we want to have unlimited access for music at anytime and anywhere .We want to listen to them without searching for them on the internet and they should be such that they are just a click away from us that is we want them in our offline mode without internet connection and they should be stored in our device .And today in this article I will tell you about best Android music  apps for offline mode.

Yes you heard it right !Music apps that play music offline because nowdays when everyone uses internet there are more of online things that are coming up with new ideas and enthusiasm.


Soundcloud is world’s largest music and audio streaming platform for those who love music.W ith over 150 million + tracking and growing much more,b uzzing community of artists and with new music coming ahead soundcloud is one the app that you will love after downloading it and you will discover new features.

It has enormous playlist that helps you to discover songs of different genres like jazz ,hiphop,c classical,rock etc.Y ou will also get suggested tracks on the basis of your tastes and listening habits.P lus you can also create your own playlist according to mood like parties,workouts,o n the way to work whatever it may be depending upon your taste of music.

Google play music

Available on almost every Android phones Google play music is the best music app to download for Android with over 1 billion downloads .It works o. Android,Ios ,and  on web across the world for free.Google play music is the app that provides music for what you qre feeling,what you are doing and for what you want to hear.I personally recommend you to download this if you want to listen to music offline without interruptions .This app functions are too simple to understand and quick which will make your music experience more enjoyable .This app is easily available on Google play store so you can download it from there.


Deezer is your personal music app which helps you to discover music,album and playlist you love.Y you can listen to playlist with new songs and great artists .It has 100 million + downloads with a download size of 13.68Mb is easily available on play store.I t provides music at online as well as offline mode with no adds or interruptions.It not only helps to stream music but also helps you to sing along as lyrics are available in this app with the song.


It is best way for your needs for u limited music whether it be Bollywood,hollywood, Indian regional songs all types are available here without any adds . You can even follow your friends and your favourite artists to discover new music and get a notification instantly whenever new stuff is uploaded.Share any song, album,artists with your friends directly and chat about the music you love.

Saavan tracks include 30million songs from old classics to new Bollywood songs across Hindi,english,marathi,telugu,punjabi,tamil ,Kannada,gujrati,bhojpuri etc.Saavn has 50 million downloads and 4.2 ratings with 7.96 Mb download size is easily available on play store.

This one of the best music listening app which I use personally in daily life with new features and much more to explore when you once download the you will require internet connection for listening music online.V ut for offline mode you can download the songs and listen to them whenever you want without any Internet connection.

Wynk music

Wynk music contains collection of music songs that you love from latest Bollywood hits to international artists it has more than 3 millions of songs with millions of users worldwide.Whatever may be your choice it covers romantic , regional,classical,devotional,dance,party,rock,pop, Bhangra  it has all types there.I ts song library contains songs from various artists like Taylor Swift, Arjit Singh, rihanna, Shakira , Atif Aslam, honey Singh,and many more which you will discover after downloading the app from play store.With 10.34 MB download size you can stream add free music online as well as offline .Of you are a Airtel user you will get unlimited online stream as well as free downloads of songs.

Final words

So this was a list of Best apps to listen music in offline mode .I think these will surely help you when you don’t have have internet connection but you can still listen to your favorite music.In the list there are some in which you can download a song and you can too make your own playlist and listen to them. The above all apps will be easily available on play store so you can download them from there.Please share your reviews regarding the article.I hope you all like it.




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