1. Working… Thanks bro 😉

  2. bro..updated means changed daily or restored to the original one?

  3. Restored to original one.

  4. oh ok,,thank you bro..

  5. Password is changed bro.

  6. Password updated! Check it now 🙂

  7. now again changed bro.. i dunno why this people are so selfish & Not helping/letting others for getting this service.

  8. Yr … Thats the reason, I never share password of any premium account openly.. Wait, I am updating password.

  9. password is changed

  10. Rohit Chakravorty says:

    bro I tried 2 times to complete the survey but got no success I also downloaded paytm and olx for the same.. 🙁

  11. IF U DONN MIND wre can i get thataccount details…
    i am really intrested in this kind of stuff

  12. Thanks bro… Account working like charm… Is there any zbigz premium account coupon or Zbigz premium account generator… as pass change problem is there in sharing premium account online.

  13. send me the premium account info

  14. Hello ,
    Bro I did the survey 2 times and both times the file didn’t open. Please solve and i am in needddddd 🙁

  15. rahul bhai plz provide premium account

  16. sidharth pani says:

    plz send the userame ad password

  17. raymart says:
  18. Sajid akram says:

    Survey is not available for your country …. kindly provide me the login credentials

  19. MIRS HAD says:
  20. Kindly send me also the User, Password for the Zbigz premium account.


  21. Please send me the username and password


  22. The Byt3 says:
  23. Nikhar Sachdeva says:
  24. ENCHANTED says:


  25. haryadi saputra says:
  26. Pls send me Username and password

  27. amal varghese says:


  28. Please Give me Login info…
    i can’t servey

  29. Taiwang Wins says:

    Hi brother..Kindly send me also the User, Password for the Zbigz premium account. It’s was very helping to me…

    Lot of Thanks…..

    • Rahul Singhal says:

      We can not share our premium account password for security purposes. You can use our Zbigz premium account from our access page without any need of password.

  30. Thaks for your help, aca aca

  31. SHIVENDU ANAND says:

    thnk u for providing premium acnt but i m not able to use it bcoz people are deleting other person files before they r completed

    pls take this seriously and do something that only admins are allowed to remove files

  32. U r great bro thnx a lot….its working fine

  33. Thanks bro!! 🙂

  34. bro
    its is not working for me please help me
    Logged in from another device
    this is main problem

    • Rahul Singhal says:

      Actually, this error is due to the other users who are logging into the device at same time. We can’t do anything to fix it.

  35. thanx bro for your efforts

  36. bro cannot login, it says “Bad login or password, try again” when i click on access page.

  37. Deepu Singh says:

    Nice Bro 100000000000% Working 🙂

  38. thank you for works and is really helpful to me.

    note: PLEASE DON’T DELETE OTHER PEOPLES FILES PEOPLE! zbigz has unlimited storage so why would you do that?!

  39. Again its not working . plezz do somthing

  40. Team Legends says:

    Please do something, it says bad login

  41. password is again changer broo

  42. it says “Bad login or password, try again ” ..

  43. Not working “Bad login or password” pls fix

  44. Thanks a lot bro! It’s working.

  45. Pratik Singh says:

    Bro itz not workinggg…. Bad login or password
    please help yr…
    can u update d password please
    Thanx in advance

  46. Password is changed again by some looser

  47. working,thank you very much

  48. Thanks You!!!

  49. Thnx bro it worked
    i am using java phone to add torrents but it some times logged out
    is that a problem…

  50. Ganesh Agrawal says:

    Bro.. you are suprb.. Your all tips & updates working 100%.. So i am big fan of ..

  51. Hey there,As you know the zbigz premium account expires on 16th of this november.Are you going to extend the premium account.I just managed to use your account today only and it works like a charm.Thanks for your service n keep up this awesome work 🙂

  52. Premium still not renewed???

  53. Hi there. I wanted to report that I got a bad login at the moment. 😀

  54. Mr. Rahul…. kindly change password again… some ***holes keep on spoiling the mood

  55. please send me
    email:[email protected]

  56. Thanks. it is working!!

  57. Password has been changed 🙂 Please fix it

  58. what is the user name and password the redirecting page seems to be empty please help

  59. vinay sharma says:

    hiii admin please help me to convert naruto shippuden full series. i cant able to convert torrent in it. it takes to much ay body may delete it. how to find a good seeds torrent for this..thanks

  60. Morteza Keramaty says:

    Not work!
    Please fix this…

  61. Morteza Keramaty says:

    Excuse me.I am a new user.
    But when i any click in your zbigz account then premium change to off !!! why?!!!
    Please help me

  62. please send me id and password

  63. prosper Africa says:

    Damn it.This is the best site ever.Ur a life server Admin..I always had a had time thinking of how to download my favorite torrents with idm

  64. lovely dreams says:

    please send me id and password

    thank you

  65. Checked last night and tonight

    Bad login

    It was working 2 days ago

  66. Mohamed says:
  67. Thanx bro. Works like a charm !

  68. Kelly Stahjer says:

    Bro someone change password! Help!
    Was orking in morning!

  69. Kelly Stahjer says:


  70. whenever I paste a link address and press go the premium changes to off and it says logged in from another device

  71. Kelly Stahjer says:

    Wait!!! Was working awesomely but now it says bad login?
    What to do?(Contact admin doesn’t work)
    Please help.

  72. What has just happened? I had uploaded a torrent but now it says bad login

  73. Aadarsh Vadakattu says:

    Password changed!!!Please help…worked fine until yesterday…

  74. needyhelp says:

    Bad login or password 🙁

  75. raubinsharya says:

    i dont know WHy people or admin are deleting my file again and again……

  76. Bad login or password, try again
    Cannot access premium account

  77. hello, it shows bad login or password… ‘hope you can fix the problem tnkx in advance 🙂

  78. Yes man :'( … it shows bad login or password, hope you can fix 🙂

  79. username and password plss

    email:[email protected]

  80. Aadarsh Vadakattu says:

    Link Down…please check…link not getting redirected to zbigz site…shows a blank site instead

  81. it shows bad login or password, hope you can fix ????

  82. bad login pleaseee help

  83. Abhishek says:
  84. sriganesh says:
  85. Bad login plz help

  86. abualkassam says:

  88. password has been changed….bad login

  89. Bad login plz help

  90. it shows bad login

  91. MANISH SABNANI says:

    password has been changed….bad login

  92. Anjali Sharma says:
  93. yosssshhhyaaa says:

    bad login sir, thank you anyway you are a BIG HELP

  94. ardan1996 says:

    can i have the id and pasord

    • Hello,
      Visit our zbigz premium account from our access page directly.
      We have enabled that page for registered members only to reduce password change issue.

  95. this is request to all please dont delete others files…..bcz your download reached @99% & get download failed…how u feel fhat time… please dont delete others files….

  96. it says bad login

  97. it says bad login

  98. bhai jldi solve kr bad login de raha h

  99. Password Updated guys.

  100. unable to login. website is saying that password has been changed

  101. Always showing logged in from another device

  102. meisterfiber says:

    cant add file..why?

  103. Not Working From tomorrow

  104. Again Not working

  105. amir hossein says:

    password changed please update

  106. Crazyfox says:

    the account is not working

  107. Hi someone help pls ?

  108. Rahul bhai nhi chl rha h ye…

  109. ravi_rocks143 says:

    account not working now ..update pls

  110. ImNotWithHer says:

    Bad login or password

  111. bhai, lagta hai kisi ne fir se password change kar dala….

  112. Not working again

  113. where is password

  114. naruto480 says:

    Its showing Bad login 🙁

  115. It’s not working

  116. sun2shine says:

    hey please update password

  117. Account Not Working

  118. hello sir please update the password

  119. Bro Saying Enter Login user & Pass

  120. Not Working please do something

  121. It is saying please fill in form,whats up with that

  122. After clicking on zbigz access taking to zbigz login page and premium is off.
    Please provide the password.

  123. Rahul ye ab work nhi kr rha … ise fix kro

  124. not working pls fix it

  125. TioSpotter says:

    I’m a registered member but when i click at the button it only shows a page to loggin. will u fix it??

  126. registered, clicked the link, and arrive at login page of zbigz. Someone changed password again or it just doesn’t work?

  127. not working………………………….

  128. ali mohammed says:
  129. not logging in
    it says “Enter username and password and try again”

  130. can u pm me the updated user id & pass

  131. please premium accounts user and password..thank you

  132. Where is the login id & password

  133. account is not working

  134. Abhishek Lingwal says:

    Hi i just created an account but still i am not getting any email and password. How long it will take to get that?

  135. frndship25 says:

    hey guys can you send login and password

  136. No account information so cannot login. Link only takes you to login page of Zbigz

  137. only opening zbigz login page

  138. Update – Seems like Zbigz has done any change in their system. Login URL is not working anymore.
    I can share username and password directly, but I doubt users will change password continuously.

  139. bro are u listening plz help bad login or password. i already registered

  140. samuelteja246 says:

    Plz share the password

  141. there is no user name or password please update it

  142. this is not working. its not showing any premium version and when you click on that premium button then it shows a window for purschasing their offer for zbigz premium account . please do something. bro


  144. Log in mangra h

  145. sipakamcedric says:

    hello! please can you send me the password and login….. 🙂

  146. sipakamcedric says:
  147. sipakamcedric says:
  148. mihirolover says:

    bad login or password what is this
    help please admin ?

  149. password Incorrect. Please upload again.

  150. BISWAJYOTI PANI says:

    “Bad login or password, try again” Please share the user name and password ……Thanks……

  151. Dude can not login zbigz premium account.

  152. I registered in our site bro , but couldn’t get the zbigz premium account username and password

  153. hello sir where is the password

  154. Anik Ahmed says:
  155. please get me zbigz id and password

  156. Dude update the password for zbigz

  157. please give me zbigz id and password

  158. Is the account regularly updated

  159. dapo4friends says:

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