Best TV Shows on Netflix Which You Should Not Miss

The story of Netflix is inspirational for anyone who looks forward to starting something on their own. From a DVD rental service to the most popular subscription-based video streaming service on the earth, the growth was outstanding. Of course, you can watch movies on Netflix. But the interesting thing that makes it stand out from the rest […]

How to Get to the Deep Web?

Do you know what is deep web is? I hope you have even a faint idea of the same. That’s exactly why you are here looking for how to get to the deep web. But do you know difference between dark web and deep web? Most of the times, people use the same words in the […]

How to Download and Play Pokemon Go (For iPhone & Android Users)

Haven’t you heard of it? Unless you are not living in a cage, you might have already heard about the huge buzz that goes round the newly released game called Pokemon Go. Don’t think this is an ordinary Pokemon game that may become boring soon. This is a new level of gaming. You should come out of the […]

Multiple Ways to Make Your Computer Talk?

Isn’t it awesome? Having a computer that, talks back to you is more than just awesome, right? I know you might have tried some methods and disappointed. But you are really going to read how to make your computer talk to you. I have included a particular section for Mac users as well. So, are you ready […]

Easy Steps to Hack School WiFi (Tutorial)

You know your school wifi is turned on. But whenever you try to connect, a password field pops up and disappoint you. Did it ever happen to you? The above example is not the only case. Some school Wifis are open that we can establish a connection without sweating. But they don’t allow us to visit popular […]