How to Recover Deleted Data from Mac Trash Bin?

We all have deleted necessary files unknowingly from our device. Most of the times, trash bin on the Mac comes to the rescue. But the case gets the worst if you delete it from there too. Let’s consider a situation when you erased a significant file from the trash. What do you do except banging the […]

Tips & Tricks to Beat 2048 Game 2017

Do you know how to beat 2048 game? I know how disgraceful it is to have Game Over notification every time you try to win the game. I am going to give a few tips to win 2048 game in this article. If you know how the game works, you are aware of the efforts and […]

10 Best Animes on Netflix You Can’t Afford to Miss

So you are looking for best animes available on Netflix, aren’t you? I hope, being an anime fan you know, there are a lot of series that can keep the curiosity of watching the next episode more than those with real people. That’s what inspired me to write this article on top anime series available on Netflix. […]

Best TV Shows on Netflix Which You Should Not Miss

The story of Netflix is inspirational for anyone who looks forward to starting something on their own. From a DVD rental service to the most popular subscription-based video streaming service on the earth, the growth was outstanding. Of course, you can watch movies on Netflix. But the interesting thing that makes it stand out from the rest […]

How To See Who is Looking at Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever wondered who viewed your Facebook profile? I know you have done it many a time. Unfortunately, there are no formal ways to get the information of your profile visitors on Facebook. But don’t worry! I got a few unofficial ways to figure out who visited your Facebook profile. You don’t have to rack […]