What 4K Content is Available On Netflix? (Series, Movies & Documentaries)

The evolution of video and its quality has been incredible, and how! From cinematographs to color TV to camcorders to DVDs to streaming in 4K, we’ve surely come a long way. Today, we’re able to watch a movie with CGI effects on a streaming site or access videos shared on social media platforms right on […]

Is Star Wars Rebels on Netflix? (Latest Updates)

We’re not surprised by the number of people asking us this question given the crazy stardom Star Wars has always enjoyed. Ever since its conception, George Lucas’ creation, Star Wars has taken the greatest entertainment leap humanity has ever witnessed, albeit, “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”. The essence of the […]

Is the Walking Dead Season 7 on Netflix? (Latest Updates)

You might have been wondering if The Walking Dead Season 7 is on Netflix. It’s possible that you’re hanging out and dying to see the new series. It’s an incredibly popular series with 17 million Americans currently tuning into the 7th season to see what happens in the zombie seasons. Even more alarmingly, each season […]

When Will Doctor Who Return To Netflix? (Latest Update)

Doctor Who is one of those series that has been around for decades that never gets old. It was first created in 1963 and since then there have been several runs of the BBC produced program. The most recent season was started in 1963 and has been running ever since with various seasons and spin […]

16 Best Sites to Watch TV Series Online for FREE [Full Episodes]

Times have changed, and how! There was a time when cable subscription was mandatory to have your idiot box running and entertaining, but no more. Its so ironical that on one side, TV makers are making groundbreaking progress with 4K resolution, curved screens, 3D capabilities, and on the other side, the number of TV users […]