How Much Does Netflix Cost For a Month ? (April 2017)

Dreamy Tricks is back with a new post which is based on a question – How much does Netflix cost for a month? Well, you must have heard about Netflix. I was getting many emails from our readers about Netflix that how much is Netflix for a month. So in this post, we will explain you all about Netflix, it’s price for different plans for each month. So, you must be aware of Netflix and has some basic knowledge of What is Netflix but for the sake of our readers, let me discuss What is Netflix much does netflix cost for a month

Though, you can get Netflix for free by using their 30 days trial. But, still if you want to enjoy their services for a long time then you can pay for their monthly subscription plans. Soon, we will publish a trick to get Netflix premium account for free. Though, you can download new movies for free from some sites.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a paid media streaming service which allows you to watch movies, TV shows for almost every platform like Smart TV, Computer, Android phones, iPhones, iPad, PS4 etc. Moreover, it has more than 75 million subscribers across various countries. Moreover, Netflix has some of the great features like you can watch your Netflix subscription on more than 4 devices simultaneously. So, I guess you got a rough idea about Netflix. So, let’s discuss some of the features of Netflix which I personally love and you will live it too. Also check out best sites to watch live sports matches online.

Features of Netflix:

  1. No Advertisements: It is one of the best features of Netflix. All of the movies, TV shows are completely advertisements free. Due to this reason, most of the people are ready to subscribe to this premium movie streaming service.
  2. Watch anywhere on any device: Yes, Netflix is supported on almost every device so that you can enjoy this movie streaming service anywhere and anytime.
  3. Watch entire season without a break: Yea! You can watch whole season instantly without waiting for many days.
  4. Huge Database: Netflix has a huge database of movies and TV shows from which you can choose your favorite one without any issue.

How much does Netflix Cost for a month?

Well first of all, we are adding an image (taken from the official site of Netflix) of Netflix price for a month.

netflix different plans details

Basically, Netflix has three plans which offer different features at different prices.

  1. Basic Plan – $7.99 per month: It is cheapest Netflix plan. Though, this plan has some restrictions like No HD is available (Forget about Ultra HD). Moreover, you can use this basic plan only on 1 screen at same time.
  2. Standard Plan – $9.99 per month: It is one of most popular Netflix plan which is quite affordable with HD movies and TV shows. Though Ultra HD is not available but it will be fine for you if you are watching movies on your’s room TV. In standard plan, you can watch movies and TV shows on 2 screens at the same time.
  3. Premium Plan – $11.99 per month: Undoubtedly, it is the best plan of Netflix with Ultra HD movies and TV shows too. Moreover, you can watch on 4 screens at the same time with a single Netflix premium account.

Wrapping it up:

So, it was all about how much does Netflix cost for a month. Basically, you can get basic plan of Netflix at $7.99 for a month which is very cheap. Still if you are having any doubt related to how much is Netflix, feel free to comment below.

So, what do you think which is the best plan of Netflix? We would like to hear about it in comments below.


  1. Sarvesh Shrivastava says:

    Hey Rahul,

    Netflix recently got launched in India and am planning to get it’s subscription. Do you have any idea what could be my data usage per month for an hour or two of using Netflix?

    • It uses a lot of data so stream movies about the same as music videos sometimes you can look up how many megabytes the movie is before hand most movies run at a minimum of 120mb


    Basically any streaming service consumes lot of data usage as it is online streaming. If you are
    watching a HD movie for one hour, you might end up consuming roughly anything between half
    GB to 1GB. The best way to watch Netflix is through a Media Player which has HVC codex 265
    which will condense and shrink the data by more than 50% and thus save data usage. Now a days
    Media Payers with HVC 265 codex sells online anywhere between Rs.5k- to Rs.10K. But it
    is a one time investment which is worth for several other features.

  3. My mother is in a retirement home,can she get Netflix on her iPod?

    • Yes, if the home offers free wifi to residents or if your mother pays for wifi in her room (in one of our local nursing home Time Warner will install wifi and/or cable TV in a residents room). Lastly, you can purchase data from a local cell phone company…but that route can get expensive. Good luck.

  4. It is good news for us that netflix is launched in India as survesh ji said.

  5. i don’t think wast range of people are going to use it in india … until they have got some online streaming sites …..

  6. Awaiting : how to get free Netflix?

  7. First time for this. What is meant by 1,2, or 4 screens?

  8. do they still send by mail I do not have a smart tv and hard for entire family to watch something on a computer screen

    • If you don’t have a smart TV, you may want to consider purchasing a Roku. You would only need the basic version which retails for $29.99 and you can find them at places like Target, Walmart, or other department stores. The Roku plugs into your TV using the same kind of ports that you use to plug in a DVD player and then it also connects to your wireless internet so that you can stream Netflix or any other streaming service on your regular TV.

  9. Mary Sue Renken says:

    I’ve had Netflix for quite a long time and it comes directly out of my bank account. I was paying $7.99 a month then all of a sudden one month they started charging me $8.51. It’s still worth it but I don’t know anyone else that is charged $8.51 a month. Why is this?

  10. I am moving to Costa Rica May 1st. Will I be able to use either/or my iMac or my Moviefone Cable for TVs to access Netflix?

  11. We have comcast xfinity X1 and their Bills are outrageous. We like the programs provided by Netflix. Can we get Netflix thru our current cable set up? also we have a DVR. Do I need to rent Netflix DVD or simply purchase a RoKu box? Can we still get local programs if switching to Netflix?

  12. abigail says:

    my question is: In Netflix , do you have to pay the payment every month? Or only on the first month?

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