Easiest Guide to port MTK Rom (All Chipsets)

Port MTK custom ROMs to all other chipsets

Porting Rom to your android device from one MTK device to other MTK device, sounds interesting. Right? Yes! Today We Dreamy Tricks is going to show you How to port roms from one MTK to another MTK chipset, it doesn’t matter whether they are :

  • MT6577
  • MT6582
  • MT6589
  • MT6592

We are updating this mtk rom porting guide. Many guys were having some problems with this guide to port mtk rom with ease. As, porting rom for mtk device is so much easy, so we Dreamy Tricks is updating this post to share more details about how to port mtk rom. We have tried our best to share as much knowledge as we can on this guide to port mtk rom.

port mtk rom

After reading this guide, I am damn sure, You can easily port rom from these chipsets to another chipsets. Yes! MTK rom porting is super easy. You can easily port roms to your MTK device without any bugs. New MTK devices get launch every day and buying device, you feel sad as there is no custom rom, but you can port rom for your device by your own.

Features Of This Porting Method

Some features of this port MTK rom method:

  1. No need of source code.
  2. No Need of kernel source.
  3. No need of android kitchen.
  4. No need of linux.

Minimum Requirements to port ROM for MTK device

Here are some minimum requirements to consider before following this mtk porting guide for your MTK android device.

  1. A little brain
  2. A bit patience
  3. Windows 7/XP/8
  4. WinRAR
  5. Stock ROM
  6. Working eyes to read it carefully

What are Custom ROMs?

They are basically custom firmwares by developers like me and you.So, we have decided to share mtk porting guide to port rom for mtk device. As, most of companies launches new android mobile everyday, So they don’t put latest updates for old android mobiles i.e : Latest android version updates like Kitkat or Lollipop. Custom roms are basically made to unlock all potential of android mobile, by changing user interface and other things or to improve battery life.

For which chipset given porting guide will work?

Below guide to port mtk rom will work for different chipsets which we are listing below:

  1. Port from MTK6589 rom to MTK6582
  2. Port MTK6589 rom to MTK6577
  3. Port MTK6582 to MTK6589

Basic Requirement to port MTK rom :

Check out some basic requirements to port mtk rom for your MTK chipset device:

  • Some basic Computer knowledge
  • A PC, or laptop.
  • BASE ROM ( Which you want to port for your device)
  • STOCK ROM (Your mobile stock rom with all system files extracted with build.prop)
mtk porting guide

More details about this mtk rom porting guide:

  • This porting guide will work for ICS to ICS and JB to JB (Base version 4.1).
  • Still, there are some chances for later version of JB like 4.2 and 4.3.

Guide to Port MTK ROM:

  • Extract the PORT rom.
  • After extraction, you will get these files or folder :p : Meta-INF , System and boot.img.
  • Now, you are ready with your PORT ROM files.
  • Now, open “System” Folder of both PORT and BASE rom.
  • Now, open bin folder of your STOCK ROM and Copy these files : “pq” and “vold”.
  • Replace both files from STOCK to PORT.
  • Now, again Open lib folder of your STOCK ROM and copy these files.

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  • Replace these files again to PORT ROM again to lib folder.
  • Again, open etc folder of STOCK folder and copy these files :
  • Now, again Replace these files from STOCK to PORT.
  • Now, Open PORT ROM and delete this Folders :
  • So, Now paste all these folders which you has deleted in PORT ROM from STOCK.
  • And the Last step, Replace boot.img from STOCK to PORT.
  • You must have WinRAR installed in your PC. Right? If it is not installed yet, then install it from here.
  • Just, Compress your PORT folder now, and your custom ROM zip is ready to be flashed.

Some tips for flashing your first MTK custom ROM:

We have decided to share for newbies who is following our guide to port rom for their MTK devices. I would like to share some points like:

  1. First boot takes some time always. (So, Keep patience).
  2. Always do a clean flash of your new ROM. (Delete all data, cache and system files).
  3. If ROM is stuck on BootLogo or you are facing a bootloop, then check each and every step carefully.
  4. If still, ROM is not booting take a LogCat and try to understand which file is creating boot issue or bootloop.

Enjoy our MTK porting guide, do share it with your friends. Happy flashing. :)

Is this Porting Guide Safe?

This guide to port mtk rom for mtk devices is almost safe to use as well you can use it without any kind of problem or any kind of devices which is of MTK chipset. This guide is not for totally newbie to port mtk rom. As, you must have some basic knowledge on How to restore stock rom on MTK devices, in case something went wrong. So, If you have backup of your mtk rom, than you are definitely ready to port rom for your mtk device now.


So, it was all about porting MTK ROM from other device to your device. We Dreamy Tricks is not responsible for any damaged caused to your device, in flashing ROM or any other case of hard brick.
So, you are done. Enjoy the android development world and port MTK rom to your device without any problem simply copy paste. 
Are you facing any problem? Feel free to comment below. 

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  1. thamjeed says:

    Is it possible to port a Lollipop 5.1.1 rom from ‘Android One’ device’s update of Micromax Canvas A1 (mt6582/4.5″ screen/4gb internal) to Lenovo S930 which is 4.4.2 kitkat (mt6582/6″/8gb). Since they both have the same mtk chipset, can it be ported?

    • vasington says:

      I have exactly the same question! I would like to port any 5.1.1 and found CM12.1 for Android One. But my Lenovo S930 is 4.4.2. Please could anyone answer our questions and try to help us?

      • Rahul Singhal says:

        Is chipset same of both devices? But I have heard that There is some other files in Android one which can not be ported to other MTK devices. Actually, Android One is exceptional for MTK devices. You can browse XDA forums for more info.

  2. How can i port samsung rom to mmx unite2(mtk 6582)??

    • Ahamed Basim says:

      bro no need to port it for micromax unite 2 have already this rom
      but you need to download it from internet

  3. If i want to port lenovo rom to my phone what should i download..lenovo stock rom????

  4. I have understood the steps but clarify which rom to choose for porting to micromax 2 and how to customise it

  5. i have may stock rom i want it to port but i cannot find meta inf which i already extract my stock rom…
    so can pleas explain it clearly guy i want you’re answer

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  8. I have a MTK 8125 chipset. Could I use this method to port from another MTK chipset to mine? Will this work for porting marshmallow as well?

    Thank you


  9. I just want know can I port a 4.4?2 based custom rom for a 5.0.2 based mtk device of same chipset.

  10. if the resolution of pngs from both port and base rom are different so will it be successful to port?

  11. Emmanuel says:

    Can i use this your porting guide to port an mtk6592 rom to an mtk838x device????????

  12. Abhishek says:

    Can I port a CM12.1 build to MT6589 device?

  13. Listen carefully, if you have MediaTek and your kernel is 3.4.5 you can’t port android KK, LP and M. Some custom roms may be installed succesfull but it wont boot. If someone’s wants to try, first take backup because next you must find a ROM which is made for your phone.

  14. mithun_teamwin says:

    Bro, i have a doubt it is that can i port lollipop 5.1.1 fro unte 2(mt6582) to my phone canvas c2+(mt589)
    whit have stock rom only till jellybean and we have custom kitkat roms so can i use a pure kitkat rom for porting as my base rom

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    can i use this for my mtk 6753 soc? tnx.

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  19. hey i am having htc desire 816 g dual sim QUAD CORE (MTK 6582)
    i cnt understand which rom to take stock and which to port
    and how shall i get the stock rom for my device ?

  20. good day im having some problem with my rom i dont have a stock rom of my unit so i decided to back up my firmware using mtk droid tools but when i extracted the system.img there is no firmware folder can you help me on this one? is there another way i can get a firmware for my mt6589. thanks and God Bless.

  21. Zair Asanza Barnuevo says:

    i have a problem.
    my stock rom doesnt have “hw” folder from /system, so how can i replace the port rom?.
    does it really matter?

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    Hey I followed every step which you given but I am having boot problem. It’s not going ahead Can you tell me how to fix it??

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    Hey. Can I use a ROM that’s already working for my phone (CM 13) as a stock for using this method to Port?
    I’m trying to port a Lenovo K4 Lineage OS rom to my device and so far I can’t get past the android logo (I left it overnight) it’s not bootlooping it’s just stuck there.

  26. If this guide work for 7.1.1 to 7.1.1 for same chipset (mtk6735m)

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