12 Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone (NEW)

We all love music, don’t we? But when it comes to downloading a specific song or music, we always juggle between websites to websites as about 90% of them don’t give direct links. Moreover, they bring you into discomfort by displaying pop-ups and disturbing advertisements. If you are iPhone user (I bet you are), I have got good news for you. In this article, I am going to introduce you to a bunch of free music download apps for iPhone. You can download songs for free without any disturbing ad or popup.

So, are you ready to explore the list? Here you go!

Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone

free music download apps for iphone

I have hand-picked a set of free music downloaders for iPhone, which you can read down below.

1. Spotify


Have you heard of this service? If you are a US native, you could have heard this name a lot. Spotify is a geo-specific application well-known in United States. Though they have paid subscription option, you can download the app for free from the official iTunes app store. The music is categorized into different genres and, you can stream them online. Along with the real-time streaming, it also gives you an offline download feature.

All you have to do is choose a track and tap on Available offline. Once it finishes the downloading, follow Settings>> Playback and, enable Offline mode.

Spotify Music
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free+

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2. Tidal

This one is quite similar to Spotify. You can download the app for free from the store. But you need to pay a monthly rent of $19.99 to get high-quality music tracks. The interface of this app is easy to use that you will not find it difficult to operate with. The design and placement of the playback control button is intriguing. Being one of the top iPhone music downloading apps for free, you can access the content offline as well.

For that, you have to switch the toggle that says Offline. The duration of the download process completely depends on the speed of your internet connection. Once it finishes, you won’t require internet to play that particular song. If you want to delete the file, just toggle the switcher to Off position. That’s it.

Developer: TIDAL Music AS
Price: Free+

3. Free MP3 Box

I know you are looking for best free music downloading apps for iPhone. But I can’t help myself from mentioning this streaming app here because of the sheer quality it holds. The app lets you pick music titles based on the YouTube search. The same system kicks away the worries in finding a specific title. When you come across your most loving music, you can add them to the Favourites section for the easier access in the future. No need to worry about the free space anymore. In case you like to listen to the radio, Free MP3 box being one of the best music apps for iPhone provides you with the same as well.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

4. Apple Music App

As an iOS user, you don’t need an introduction to Apple Music app because every device from Apple has it preloaded. It provides every function of a standard music player and you get regular updates as well. If you are ready to create an Apple ID, you can make songs from the web available offline on your Apple Music app. Do you want to know how?

Just create an Apple ID first; then get a subscription. Then, follow Settings>> Music>> iCloud Library. At this point, you need to choose whether you want to merge or replace the online titles with your offline songs. Go with the former. And, now go back to the main list of songs on Apple Music, choose one and tap on the three-dots button. You will get a context menu with Make Available Offline as an option. Don’t hesitate to go with it.

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5. Deezer

free music download apps for iphone

Next up in our list of free music download apps for iPhone is Deezer. Just like every other applications in this list, you can download it from the app store for free. Though a subscription of $6 is mandatory, you can avail a trial period of 48 hours. Once you take the trial and choose a title from the application interface, you will see a Download option that grants you the offline access.

But the sadness is you can’t keep on listening to the songs downloaded using Deezer because once you stop the subscription or uninstall the app, they will be automatically erased.

6. Amazon Prime Music

Just like Spotify, you can’t use this service on every country. There are a few set of nations where Amazon launched their Prime feature. Unlike those least know free iPhone music app developers, what Amazon gives are of high quality. You won’t find any discomfort in listening to the music from Amazon Prime. The best thing is they allow you to enjoy the premium service freely for a whole new month. Within that period, you can load your iPhone with high quality music.

Amazon Music
Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
Price: Free

7. Google Play Music

free music download apps for iOS

The final one in the list of free music download apps for iOS is Google Play Music. Almost all the Android users know this app as it comes preloaded. Just like Apple Music, you can use this as an offline music player app that plays tracks directly from your local storage. Play Music presents almost every music title before you. If you don’t want offline access, you don’t have to go for the paid subscription. But for downloading tracks as media file, you need to subscribe for a monthly cost of $1.99.

Google Play Music
Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: Free

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8. Freegal Music

Free Music is one of the best free music download apps for iPhone. It has huge collection of over 9 million songs in their library. If you are looking for a legal iPhone music downloader, then Freegal is one of the best choice. You can find songs of many artists from all over the world.

Freegal Music
Price: Free

9. iDownloader Pro

It’s not a music downloader app but it can download music files at high speed. This app is quite similar to ADM (Available For Android). Just find direct download link of any mp3 track which you want to download and you can download that mp3 track using this app in your iPhone. You can try these free mp3 download sites to find download link of any mp3 track.

Download App

Some Other Apps For Downloading MP3 Files in iPhone

10. SprinVilla

Spinrilla - Mixtapes For Free

11. Media Cloud

12. Mazika

Developer: ArpuPlus
Price: Free+

Wrapping Up

So you have got top free music download apps for iPhone. The selection is completely up to you. Just go through the specifications of each app and then compare the price. Then, match them up with your needs. Finally, you will reach that single application, which suits you the best.

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