Earn unlimited money by Whaff Trick – No Survey

Earn real money by Whaff 2015

Dreamy Tricks is back again with a superb trick to earn real money without any hard work. Most of you are aware of popular app – “Whaff”, Our team has worked hard to make a trick, to earn unlimited $ using this app.This trick is superb working trick to make unlimited amount by Whaff. As, Whaff pays you to complete survey, download apps or by referring friends, but thats very low amount as We have to work too much hard to make 10$ in Whaff, as its minimum Threshold payment is 10$, so guys without wasting time, lets move on to the basic requirement and features of this trick.

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Minimum Requirements to Earn money by Whaff : 

  1. Rooted android mobile.
  2. Working internet connection.
  3. A little bit mind.
  4. Facebook account.
  5. A Pay pal account to redeem your money( or you can simply get play store coupon).

whaff app

Features of Whaff Unlimited trick :

  1. You can earn unlimited.
  2. Value of your time, as you are paid for the time you wasted on this app.
  3. Easy to use this trick.
  4. No Advanced skills needed to earn unlimited.

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How to earn unlimited money online using this Whaff trick:


  1. First of all you have to download Whaff app as you have to make loot with this app only.
  2. Download Whaff app from here(Direct play store link).
  3. Login with Facebook account.
  4. It will ask you for referral code, you can enter : AH85979 (Yes, Its my referral link and will make me earn 0.3$, It will simply encourage me to share such tricks openly in future.
  5. Now, note Down your referral code on any paper or Learn it.
  6. Now, uninstall this app from your mobile phone.
  7. Now, download this app known as Imei Changer : IMEI CHANGER
  8. It requires Xposed Installer, so don’t forget to install it.
  9. Now, open IMEI changer app and Change your IMEI code.
  10. Install this app again and Login with different Facebook account.
  11. Enter the referral code, which you got previous time.
  12. Repeat this process with different Facebook accounts and Earn unlimited by this app.

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Some tips :

  1. You can use temporary mail address to create FB account faster.
  2. Create backup of Whaff app ( Create APK of this app) to save your time as well as bandwidth.


Conclusion :

So, this was all about trick to earn unlimited money online using this app.Using this trick, you can earn unlimited amount of money without any problem or any kind of hard work.

Edit : I have received some messages about errors like Your device is  not supported. Just, Click on screen and continue using this amazing whaff trick.

So, how much you had earned using this trick?

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  1. hey bro after changing imei and login to whaff it says wrong device
    pls tell is there a serial number to put on imei or type anything?

  2. Bro the problem is when i paste my invitation code it says wrong device nd due to that i m not able tn get $0.30 in my main account
    And my phone have 2 imei number the app can change only 1

  3. Bro can i use any imei like
    Or any system number?

  4. This trick is stopped working now.

  5. This trick is stopped working now. Just getting money only in new account,not getting money in main account.

  6. is this still working now please reply

  7. Where to download the exposed installer bro?? Pls reply:D

  8. After creating logging in with another account inputting my old account’s referral ID it says wrong access, incorrect device ID – or something along that line

  9. Changed Emei code can be any or it will be special.plz tell

  10. cant create fb using same phone numbers

  11. cooldude says:

    It is illegal to change imei number .so changing imei will not cause any problem to me na????

  12. its illegal dont change imei no.

  13. cool dude says:

    Without changing imei how can I perform the trick????

  14. i found this hack interesting, and i had a suggestion if you still support this web.
    how about we just use a rooted bluestack? will that work?

  15. Bro, I did every single things what u mentioned here as tricks. but still I’m unable to earn 0.3$ in my main account by invite code !! why is happening?? Plz give a reply

  16. bro i cant change my imei no

  17. Ayub G Tonshyal says:

    it’s great, but i am not understand how to change IMEI Numbers,
    I was changed my IMEI number, after that i have faced problem when changing IMEI Number,

    Please let me know how to change IMEI number correctly,
    any formula is there?
    Please let me know……
    Thank You Friends

  18. Suliman khan says:

    Change Your Imei Using Donkeyguard And Enjoy Working Thanks…..

  19. Ranveer says:

    please let me know how to unbanned a whaff account ??

  20. Guys my whaff didnot asking any code at fiest time or last time after log in

  21. Hey Rahul…my WHAFF says wrong access Plzz try again… Wht shld i do to change tht..? Tried with other accounts as well.. The same result.. Wht shld i do..?

  22. WHAFF LORD says:

    If you are still having problems with WHAFF coins, just type in this invite code EZ59744 on your device 2 earn more cash + 0. 400 balance on your WHAFF account, it works like magic… Works fine on my infinix zero …..

  23. Im having wrong access error when i enter invite code.
    I changed IMEI and device ID and reinstalled the app and then added the code,but its showing this error ..
    please help.

  24. charlie1 says:

    is it working now? i am not to login after doing these steps, app closes it self while i click login!! pls reply!

  25. Can I use parallel space for it

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