30 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites 2016 (NEW)

You quest to find best free movie streaming sites ends here. I have got the massive list to keep your mind indulged in.

All of us love watching good movies. But when it comes to online streaming, we don’t have much free movie streaming sites available.

Actually, that’s not the case. Plenty of best sites are available for movie streaming. The web is spammed a bit. That’s why we don’t land upon the best choices.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for 2016


I am sure that you are excited to see my list. You are on Dreamy Tricks. That means for this topic; you don’t need a post from another blog.

Here comes our ultimate list of free movie streaming sites.

#1. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is one of the best free movie streaming sites that you can ever visit. They boast of having more than ten thousand movies in their collection. I can’t find a reason to disbelieve them.

As you can clearly see in the image, the website is perfectly designed with black and white colour combination. Unfortunately, not everyone can watch movies on this website. They don’t allow people from certain countries to use their service.

On the homepage, you can see a search bar using which finding your favorite film becomes easy. SnagFilms also provides an option to stream TV shows.

Though there is Sign up and Log in options, you don’t necessarily have to be a registered member to watch movies there.

#2. MoviesPlanet


Here comes another website with a lot of movies and TV series episodes to entertain you.

I don’t think using this website without taking an account will be a good idea. I recommend you creating an account and then proceed further.

On the navigation bar given on the top, you can find three parent links that further breaks down into child links. The parent links are New videos, TV shows, Movies, and help. It helps you to go through the category you like. Also, you can check out whether a new movie or TV series episode has been uploaded.

If you scroll down, you can see featured films as well. What do you think about this? Is this one of the best free movie streaming sites?

#3. LosMovies


LosMovies, another one of the best free movie streaming sites, is known for its awesome categorization. You will not find it hard to browse through your favourite movie genre.

There are two different navigation bars both above and below the header. The upper menu features countries, TV shows, actors, directors and top movies while the lower menu has links to popular, latest, HD and 3 D movies. You can download subtitles as well.

Just below the second menu, a small search field is given that helps you to find any movie from their database.

A bunch of latest movies is shown in a slider just right to the header. If you scroll down, you can see other choices as well.

#4. Popcornflix


Here comes one of the best free movie streaming sites to entertain you. Unlike our previous pick, Popcornflix doesn’t have an intelligent navigation bar to browse through their collection.

But they have a beautiful slider on the homepage itself. This website will not disappoint you even if you want to see TV shows. The top navigation contains links to movies and TV shows as well. On the right of the navigation bar, you can spot a search field which will help you to end your quest for any particular movie or show.

As no login or sign up button can be found, you can watch their movies and shows as an anonymous user.

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#5. Movie25


Though Movie25 can’t impress you with its site design, I am sure that you will be taken over by their movie collection. One of these pioneer free movie streaming sites has a lot of movies to make your leisure time an ultimate pleasure.

But the fact is this website doesn’t host the movie files. They collect links to external websites and shows. Don’t worry about broken links. I couldn’t find out a single one. You can report if any broken find is spotted. It will be removed shortly after verification.

I am not a fan of their navigation bar. Still, it’s enough for various classifications except genre based.

You should be logged in to watch movies there.

#6. Watch-Movies-Online


Unlike other movie streaming sites, you can’t find direct links to movies here on the homepage of this website. But their homepage is very well crafted to help you find the film we want.

You can also see links to TV shows as well here. Two classified links are given on the homepage that helps you to categorize movies based on their year of release and genre.

Two search fields can be seen on the top and bottom portion of the screen. I hope their search feature is so efficient that you won’t go without finding one in their collection.

#7. Movie4k


To be frank, I didn’t like the interface of this website. But here we don’t have to bother about the beauty of web design as our topic of discussion the free movie streaming sites.

Movie4k wants you to be their registered user if you like to see movies or TV shows. Yeah! Along with unlimited movies, you can stream TV series as well.

On the right side of the header, you can redirect their website to your own country version by clicking the apt flag. Another unique thing about this website is it allows you to search for movies using IMdb- ID.

#8. Viewster


Here comes my favorite website in our best free movie streaming listicle. I have never expected that any website owner will directly put all their resources for public without even compelling us to sign up for them.

So, I thought Viewster is the best when it comes to free movie streaming and TV show streaming. On the top navigation bar, you can spot a Browse parent menu along with a search field. Both of them helps you to spot your favourite movies from the entire collection of Viewster.

They have got a massive number of visitors. And, the links to their official social media profiles hint that these guys are taking the website seriously, not to mess up with the audience.

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#9. Vumoo


If you want to stay anonymous while using free movie streaming sites, I would say that this website is not meant for you. Why because you should sign up for their service in order to watch any of the movies out there.

In my first glance, I noticed that each and every video showcased on their website are hosted on their own server. So, they will not make you annoyed by redirecting to some other sites or filling your screen with ads.

You can find out most of the new releases on the homepage itself. As on every other movie streaming site, a search field, and a browse menu are present to make your quest for movies successful.

#10. Hulu


Owned by ABC, NBC, and FOX, Hulu is one of the most reliable free movie streaming sites available today. But if you are not an American, you should be disappointed. Hulu’s service is limited to US residents only.

Still want to use this service? Then, you should consider using some US proxies or install VPN browser extensions to help you with this task.

A paid membership is also available for Hulu, which on purchasing will let you know of each and every new release accordingly. A trial period is also available that you can decide whether to go with them or not during that period.

#11. Crackle


Crackle is another movie streaming sites that allow you to watch movies seamlessly without registration. So, you can secure your email from countless spam mails.

Unfortunately, no navigation bar is there to help you browse through the genres. But, I think the search bar is more than enough to land on the perfect spot.

Most of the new and popular movies as well as TV shows are featured on the homepage. That means you don’t have to wander around the website to stream your favourite movies.

Crackle, being one of the best free movie streaming sites, allows you to create an account and notifies you on every new upload.

#12. PrimeWire


If you are a blogger, yu have a habit of analyzing the popularity of a website by its site matrices. Here, every site measure of this website will make you stunned.

With an Alexa rank of 885, I think it can be considered as number one in the list of free movie streaming sites.

Unfortunately, this site does not host video files on their own server. Instead, what you get is the external links to several other free movie streaming websites. You can definitely watch the movie of your choice as they are brutal to broken links.

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#13. WollowTube


I think this website is a starter in this free movie streaming sites category. But the exponential growth this website achieved is tremendous and extraordinary.

On the homepage, you can see a search field using which, you can find any of your favourite movies in their database. As of now (08/03/2016), their latest addition is nothing but the sensational Deadpool itself.

Scrolling down to bottom will unleash a lot of movies to you. And, the pagination brings you to uncountable other films.

As the cherry on the cake, you can stream TV shows as well on WollowTube. But I don’t like their mechanism of working as a video search engine.

#14. Free Full Movies


Do you know what? Looks can be deceiving. I have researched a lot and checked hell lots of websites to come up with this extensive list of free movie streaming sites. But at the end of the day, I found out that 80% of the well-designed websites are not reliable. They just keep on betraying the visitors by continuous redirections, pop ups, and advertisements.

At the same time most of the poorly designed websites host the videos on their own server and plays it soon after we press the button.

Free Full Movies is one such website whose look has nothing to do with our interest. But it has got the best service ever.

#15. BoxTV


All the free movie streaming sites I have mentioned here have only English movies and TV shows in their collection. Don’t you want some Bollywood movies to cheer up?

BoxTV is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a two in one platform that contains both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. I have tested the site and found out that the buffering time is almost zero that you can watch the movies without any impedance.

Along with Bollywood films, you can watch a lot of films in other Indian languages as well. I suggest you to start using this website for your online streaming needs.

#16. Alluc


Alluc is more of a search engine than a movie streaming website. As you can see clearly in the image, the homepage of this website does not match with those of the other free movie streaming sites.

You will get two options on this website. If you prefer watching movies offline, you can enter the name of your movie and hit Find Downloads. Or you can choose the first option that says Find Streams to stream your favourite movies online only if your connection is capable of handling streaming good.

Alluc fetches the video and shows the same under its own platform.

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#17. iMovie Tube


iMovie Tube is another website, which contains a lot of free movies to watch. To be frank, this website had not been celebrated in the way it deserves.

In this competitive field of free movie streaming sites, iMovie Tube lags behind a lot of websites that do negative SEO and black hat stuff to top in search engine results.

On the homepage, you can see a briefly crafted navigation bar with a search field. If you just send your eyes down below, some featured movies can also be spotted.

The genre based classification is brilliant that you will not miss any of your favourite items.

#18. Free Online Movies


I think you are new to this website. Just like iMovie Tube Free Online Movies is also an unnoticed website that needs to be recognized yet.

On the homepage, you will see the links to all of their content and to specifically to their movies as well. If you think none of them helps you, enter your movie name into the search field, given. I am sure that this one can really cut the mustard.

As a small table, some popular movies are featured on the homepage. I was stunned to spot a Bollywood film there because I thought this website is dedicated to English content only.

Don’t you think this as one of the best free movie streaming websites?

#19. LilPlay


Caution: – This one is paid.

Like all the other free movie streaming sites, LilPlay is not a dedicated website for movie or TV show streaming. Here, you can find unlimited movies, books, music and much more.

So the point is, having a LilPlay account will never bite you back for sure. They have got two important things everyone needs- knowledge and entertainment.

You can’t get even a single content from them unless and until you have an account. Just click on the sign-up button provided on the top- right corner of the website to register.

There you go! That’s all. Keep gaining knowledge and enjoy yourself.

#20. Veoh


Veoh is one of the popular free movie streaming sites available today. I haven’t used their service personally. But the buzz around them indicates that they deserve to be used.

I don’t think you can stream movies online without downloading if you lack a Veoh account. Setting up an account is easy. You can connect your FaceBook account with Veoh, so that the setup process becomes easier.

On top, there’s a navigation bar that includes all of the info you want including categorization and all. I suggest you to disable your download manager for a while when you use Veoh. It may cause the raise of annoying pop ups.

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#21. Free Movies Online


Can you remember my 18h pick in this list of best free movie streaming sites? Yeah, it was Free Online Movies.

Comparing the design and nature of this website with Free Online Movies, I can surely say that the owner of both these websites is same. Keeping that fact apart, Free Movies Online is the best resource to stream movies online.

But they don’t host movies on their server. Instead, a list of links will be provided that point to the places where your favourite movies are hosted.

The interface and design are the same as that of Free Online Movies. But I sensed the difference in featured movies.

#22. VK Flix


VK Flix is yet another one in our epic list of free movie streaming sites.

The website is designed in such a manner to allure everyone. But I would say that the service is not up to the mark. You can give it a try only if you have ample amount of patience.

I kicked out this site after the usage of some time because it uses some kind of clickjacking script to end our majority of clicks forcefully on ads.

But the collection is large I would say. They have collected the reliable links to a lot of sites on the web.

#23. Watch Movie Stream


Watch Movie Stream has a lot of full movies and trailers in their collection. Their website is developed in such a way to make sure that every visitor becomes satisfied by landing on their favourite pick.

To reduce your searching effort, the website sports a featured slider that includes a few popular and new movies. The top navigation menu has a broad categorization right to which lays a search field. You can use them accordingly to search for any particular movie or genre.

Scrolling down to bottom unleashes a lot of movies to make you find excuses for watching them tonight. But at the end of the day, you will be getting links not the videos itself on this one of the popular free movie streaming sites.

#24. Top Movies Online


Simple things make a huge impact. The guys behind Top Movies Online know this universal truth. That may be a reason they kept the design of the website simple.

Without giving false promises by showing the banner of recently released movies, they showcase a list of genres, four main links, a top navigation bar, year filter and a search field on the homepage.

You can make it to land finally on the favourite movies to kill your boredom. Instead of running to sites that don’t even worth our time, why should you take time to visit these kinds of simple free movie streaming sites?

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#25.Huge Movies DB


OMG!! How can this website go unnoticed? I don’t know. But I can say that Huge Movies DB is one of the best free movie streaming sites you can rely upon.

Even in the dark shade, their website looks astonishing. Unlike every other competitor, this website reveals the truth on their homepage itself. As you can see in the image clearly, they say that the links are taken from somewhere else. You can report if you find any broken URLs. They will remove the same as soon as possible.

Another benefit of using this site is, you can figure out the IMdb rating here without visiting the official page.

#26. My Download Tube


Don’t get confused by the name of this website. It certainly allows you to stream and download movies as well.

Along with awesome movies, you can also download many spellbinding games from here. All you have to do is finding the perfect film for you and then, play it. Unfortunately, no guest or anonymous users are permitted to use their service. You should create an account to watch or download stuff from there.

Being one of the best free movie streaming sites, My Download Tube has got a lot of movies to keep boredom away from you.

#27. HaloaMovies


HaloaMovies is another incredible pick in our list of free movie streaming sites. As you can see in the image, their homepage is loaded with the banners of a lot of movies.

You can click any of them to start streaming or downloading the same. When you hover your mouse pointer over any of them, you can read a brief info about the movie along with its IMdb rating.

On the either sides of the header, two buttons are given. One on the left is a trigger to open genre menu while the other one brings down a search field.

#28. Mogo Movies


Though the name is different, the mechanism of Mogo Movies is the same as that of HaloaMovies. The looks and design are two things that make both these free movies streaming sites unique.

The same genre menu trigger button is here along with a search field. But you don’t have to click a button to get the same.

MogoMovies has the better organization of movies placed on the homepage. You can click on any of them to start watching instantly.

Though Mogo Movies is a beginner in this field, you can definitely get many movies of your choice.

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#29. MovieWatcher


Here comes another beautifully designed website into the free movie streaming sites lot.

Just right to the header log, you can spot a long search field to find out any of your favourite movies. The navigation bar on top lets you browse through the genres, popular, new and TV series.

Like some other websites, I have mentioned here, this one also collects links to the actual streaming sites and puts them here. If you don’t find it useful, you can downvote that particular link so that it will be taken down soon.

You can see some movies on the homepage itself under different categories.

#30. FlixBreak


Finally, we are reaching the last and 30th of our free movie streaming sites.

Along with all the options, other websites have, this one stays unique with its movie request and add movie pages. If you desperately want a movie and can’t find it on FlixBreak, you can request them to it. Hopefully, they will add those which get a higher number of requests.

There’s nothing to boast about design and other aspects of the website. Everything remains the same as that of its competitors.

A search field is there, but not a genre specific categorization. But the advanced search can be really useful if you want to search deeply for a movie.

Wrapping Up Free Movie Streaming Sites

As you are exhausted by this long list of free movie streaming sites, I am not going to trouble you much.

Have fun, have a good day.


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